No 5, 21 February 2017

Why free trade is not always an advantage ...
... and why protectionism can also mean protection | by Karl Müller
Germany threatened by currency war
by Sebastian Müller and Heiner Flassbeck*
Export surpluses: blessing or curse?
by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer
500 years of reformation, or when the elites ignore the people
Speech given by Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer at the Albisgüetli-Conference on 20 January 2017 in Zurich
The “wrong” opinion before the election campaign
Censorship in Germany?
News from Federal Berne
Alternative draft to the “Rasa-Initiative”: legislative process by consultation is in progress | by Dr iur Marianne Wüthrich
Gender – theory or re-education programme?
by Gerlinde Höschter, Graz*
“The baobab has fallen!”
Obituary on the Congolese politician Etienne Tshisekedi
The refugees are to be prepared to rebuild their country
by Roland Hureaux, essayist, France *
“There is no use in altitude training” – but no way!
The attack on altitude training was a barrel burst | by Heini Hofmann
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