From the preface to “The Trojan Mouse”

Many will know the story [of the Trojan Horse] from the Greek legend world. [...] When this book’s title is “The Trojan Mouse”, it is quite analogous to the process from the antiquity that is mentioned above. For today, many schools get with the information and communication technologies a facility into their classrooms, without guessing the fatal consequences of such a step. What comes in harmless as an improvement in the existing school, as an adaptation to the modern world and preparation for the future, reveals itself on closer inspection as an eminently political process, with which our primary and secondary school opens to a radical transformation and the diktat of the globalised economy. What is clear at the same time is that the “well-being of the children”, which is constantly made use of, is merely a pseudo-argument which cannot withstand a closer examination.
To present the background of this development objectively was long overdue, and the book fills this important gap. It would be desirable for all parents and teachers to deepen themselves into this book in the interest of the children and the adolescents. It is recommended as compulsory reading to those responsible for education in politics, before they make decisions in the name of the citizens who have chosen them. Not only huge investments in tax money are due, but the future of our youth and our educational institutions is also at stake.

“Die Trojanische Maus. Lernen für die Zukunft.” ©2002, “Komitee für eine demokratische Volksschule”, Zurich.
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