No 20, 19 September 2019

Mandatory adoption of EU law desperately overplayed
In the run-up to the elections – autumn session 2019 | by Dr iur. Marianne Wüthrich
What remains: thinking independently, acting humanely, laying the foundations for more direct democracy
A commentary after the state elections in Brandenburg and Saxony | by Karl Müller
Military dispute as an opportunity
by Prof. Dr Eberhard Hamer
Power of Diplomacy and Partnership
5th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) from 4 to 6 September in Vladivostok | Editorial Strategic Culture*, 6 September 2019
Economic hegemony instead of warlike destruction policy?
Soon new US strategy in Syria? | by Thierry Meyssan
Why is there so little objectivity?
Double standards, shop window politics and big business | by Lu Shaye, China’s ambassador in Paris.
A more direct democracy in Germany (Part 4)
The community | by Christian Fischer
What is education?
From which school system our children will benefit most in their future lives? | by Professor Dr Konrad Paul Liessmann*
Humanitarian commitment in medicine
by Renate Dünki and Elisabeth Nussbaumer
Comprehensive prohibition of advertising, promotion and sponsoring for tobacco and nicotine products!
Open letter to Swiss Federal Councillors Ueli Maurer (President of the Confederation), Alain Berset (Head of FDHA) and Ignazio Cassis (Head of FDFA)
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