Organised crime – trafficking human beings – crime scene Germany

Organised crime – trafficking human beings – crime scene Germany

by Dr Barbara Hug

A rich class is profiting from the poverty of many. This class knows to perpetuate poverty and make as much money out of it as possible. Poverty means persistent distress, worry, pain, suffering, despair. One of the most reprehensible forms of exploitation of poverty is done by promises, for example, the promise to create wealth for poor women and their families if they prostitute themselves in wealthier countries.
Germany is a rich country, it has become, according to Manfred Paulus, a center of the perverse trade with women and children. Women and children trafficking has its place as an industry of organized crime, it is also one component of the enforced migration of hundreds of thousands of people from poverty, it is the beneficiary of wars and the related chaos in the respective countries. Orphans from refugee camps, women with no income and no family breadwinner, but also the lucrative removal of organs from healthy young people to the purpose of selling – who wants to extend the list of misery?
During his work as First Detective Chief Superintendent M. Paulus has gathered many years of experience in the field of red-light crime, of trafficking women and children, and pedophilic crime. His elaborations grant a deep, though very unpleasant insight into this scene. The scene works covertly, it is intertwined, brutal, ruthless, and it benefits from a society that is looking sideways. Paulus thoroughly clears up the prejudice that the young prostituting women from Southeast Europe, for instance were participating voluntarily in the business. Who still believes this after reading this book, is a victim of the targeted deception mechanisms of organized crime, that obviously does not act in a vacuum.
Those who want to see, can see, and those who don’t want to see, don’t see, or they only see, when their neighbour’s lovely little son fails to come home from school one day ...
The facts and examples described by Paulus mirror real events. They are individual stories as they could be related by the thousands. The dirty lucrative business continues worldwide. It is to be questioned whether there is a way to stop it other than the economic improvement in the impoverished countries.     •

Source: Manfred Paulus. Organisiertes Verbrechen – Menschenhandel – Tatort Deutschland. Frauenhandel, Kinderhandel. Zwangsprostitution, Organhandel, Handel von Arbeitskräften (Organised crime – human trafficking. German crime scene – woman, child trafficking, forced prostitution, organ trafficking, trafficking of workers). Klemm + Oelschläger, Ulm 2014

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