Despotism is certainly no peace concept

Despotism is certainly no peace concept

by Willy Wimmer, former Secretary of State in the German Ministry of Defence and Vice-President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

Macedonia, who? Only weeks ago that was the question asked by many when reports about the flare-up of fighting in a Macedonian town with many dead and injured dominated our weekend news. Throughout the years Macedonia had got into the shadow of Western European attention. However, that was a different story, when after the end of military conflicts about the Kosovo, fighting had flared up aiming at the further separation of ethnic groups in Macedonia, the state neighbouring the Kosovo in the South. It was the time, when there had been talk about Great-Albania again, since it was an open secret that Albanian fighters in Macedonia enjoyed the open and secret military support by the US-Army and further American government departments. These forces had been armed and trained by those who knew how to enforce their interests even before the Kosovo war by using the Kosovan KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) for their ends. Thereby the targets had become obvious for everybody.

  1. Development and future state structure should depend on the will of one single nation – the USA.
  2. The European’s task was to be wrangling with each other alternatingly and to be submissive and subservient to American interests.
  3. By no means should a satisfying solution that would balance interests be allowed, as you never know ….
  4. Shaping the Balkans’ structure in such a way that any factual or only suspected influence of Russia or the Russian Federation would just evaporate.
  5. As we could experience at the times of the “Wehrmacht”, this depended on what ethnic group on the Balkans would be able to obtain a powerful ally abroad that would serve their own interests, in order to unite these interests with those of the mighty ally against everybody else. Naturally, the neighbours were the victims.
  6. Realising the model that the Baltic states successfully enforced towards their own minorities: These states’ model consists of denying their own minorities any legal status inside the country, comparable to European standards. Any attempt to improve the minority’s legal status from outside was re-interpreted as “Russian threat” and the Baltic ignorance was sheltered under the umbrella of NATO Article 5. The Baltic states have perfected the procedure but this can be done in other places as well.
  7. The state of “visible fragility” for Macedonia must be kept up by all means, involving the Greek attitude to not even grant their relatives a secured state name, so that internationally the impression is reinforced that the cake has not yet been finally shared.

The state obedient media in our countries did not cover those bloody events in the Balkan state, so the gentle public could not expect to be informed about the real and alleged causes for the conflict. Allegedly it is all about fighting corruption, a corruption that everybody on the Balkans might be suspected of. However, this cannot be a reason to take influence for NATO and EU consorters, since everybody on this globe knows pretty well, how fervently they have just embosomed the Ukrainian corruption. After witnessing that a German Foreign Minister declared heroin production in Afghanistan to be the cornerstone of this country’s economic development, we should definitely no longer believe any of such assertions by European top representatives. People taking to the streets following such slogans should be sure of one thing: They are running after arguments to be found in certain media slip boxes, arguments that even the authors themselves do not believe in.
There are rumors that seem more likely to be true: that the fighting is to take influence on the not completely established plans for the construction of a Russian pipeline for gas supply to Southern Europe. Since NATO, EU and the whole world cannot offer any perspective to those states after the Lehman Brothers crisis, it is well-understood that they have become addicted to Russian financial advances. Why drowning in Western hopelessness when the sun is rising – as it used to rise – in the East again? In view of these circumstances, the Macedonian fighting might be the first signal that the conclict has reached a new front, which becomes clear when paying attention to the statements of the Serbian President Nicolic about Kosovo’s reclaim. The faultline on the Balkans will show a different pattern in future. Who has backed which side? And who will be successful? Moscow is back again, for it was never gone!    •
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