Macedonia – Blueprint of “Regime Change” Patterns

Macedonia – Blueprint of “Regime Change” Patterns

Interview with Zivadin Jovanovic*, President of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals

Sputniknews: In his recent visit to Serbia, Sergey Lavrov voiced the worries of Russia over the violence in Macedonia and the idea of a ‘Greater Albania’. What kind of support do Albanian nationalists have in the Balkans? And internationally?

Zivadin Jovanovic: We all are, indeed, very worried over the current destabilization of Macedonia. With growing socio-economic problems in the region, here comes grave violence and political destabilization of Macedonia. The idea of Greater Albania is an old one, but it has been propped up by NATO aggression in 1999 and further reinforced in 2008 by the unilateral secession of the Serbian Province Kosovo and Metohija, supported and recognized by USA and most of NATO/EU member governments. There could hardly be any doubt that current destabilization of Macedonia could happen without the will and even support of the same western factors. Statements from various western capitals, participation of some western ambassadors at the opposition rallies in Skopje, slogans and western propaganda in general, is more than revealing. Serbia, certainly, is one of the most interested countries in the region for stabilization of Macedonia and condemnation of the idea of “Greater Albania”.

Do you think that the current protests are an attempt to destabilize the current Macedonian government? And do you believe that they can be compared to the ‘color revolutions’ and ‘regime change’ operations sponsored by the West i.e. in the former Yugoslavia (Otpor! movement), Georgia (Revolution of Roses) or Ukraine (Euromaidan)?

I think that the current events in Macedonia are a blueprint of “regime change” patterns in Serbia (Yugoslavia), and elsewhere in Europe, Northern Africa, or current attempts to destabilize Brazil, Venezuela, and Argentina. There are certainly specific details applied from one country to the other, but the main stages and tools are – propaganda machinery generating popular discontent, organizing massive protests and even armed incidents, advancing demands for “changes” and, finally, overthrowing legally elected governments.

Lavrov said that latest developments “occur as the Macedonian government refuses to join sanctions and supports the Turkish Stream”. Is the US interested in destabilizing the region for geopolitical purposes?

I believe Minister Lavrov has it right. USA is afraid losing control over Europe and Europe’s cooperation with Russia. In that regard, any project making Europe self-sufficient, secure and independent in the long run, such as South Stream, Turkish Stream, or any other, Washington considers it contrary to its geostrategic interests and is trying to stop it by all means. Macedonia is, by no means, big nor strong, but considers Turkish Stream and free trade with Russia to be in her best interest. Unfortunately, USA have no consideration for anybody’s interest, not to mention Macedonia’s, except for their own. This is the Imperial logic. But, the time of the world policemen is closing. History continues in spite of imperial prognosis.    •

*    Zivadin Jovanovic was Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 1998 to 2000.

Source: <link http: en comments-belgrade-forum-for-the-world-of-equals>  
from 19.5.2015

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