Curriculum 21: Apple ready for take off

Curriculum 21: Apple ready for take off

mw. Since last summer a school experiment called “myPad” has been underway in the Canton of Solothurn “as it has never before taken place in Switzerland”. In twelve classes from 3rd to 6th primary grade all students and teachers obtained their own tablet-computer. But even more: in Adliswil, even three kindergartens were equipped with two iPads each. The devices are provided to the children for usage “during the unguided playing period” – as an opportunity in addition to traditional games. So-called experts assert: “iPads in kindergarten are useful”. (
Useful for whom? Certainly for hardware and software manufacturers of all kinds. Already three years ago Apple advertised in the United States: “Interactive graphics and videos instead of dry books”. (“Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, from 19.1.2012). This sales hit has belatedly arrived in Switzerland now, however, just in time for the planned “implementation” of the unspeakable Curriculum 21. Well, no computer company wants to miss making this business of billions ….
Anyway, the College of Education (PHZH) in Zurich nicely complies with the IT multinationals by just offering training courses for the use of iPads in kindergarten and lower primary school:
It is up to us parents and teachers, to put an end to such activities. Ongoing or already submitted popular initiatives in the cantons of Aargau, Basel-Land, ­Schwyz, St. Gallen, Thurgau, Zurich and Solothurn and planned ones in other cantons give the people the opportunity to prevent the introduction of the Curriculum 21.     •

“IPad in kindergarten and lower primary school”

“Meaningful applications”

“What new educational opportunities do the mini-computers provide that can be handled by touch and taken anywhere. How can competence-oriented and cooperative learning be encouraged with iPads? The course shows pleasurable and creative ways for children to use the tablets as learning, designing, and game media in the classroom.

MI, 03.06.2015, 1:30pm–5:00pm”
Homepage of PH Zurich

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