Put Curriculum 21 to vote!

Put Curriculum 21 to vote!

IG (Interest Group) for a good Thurgau Elementary School

A broad-based Committee launched the popular initiative “Yes to a good Thurgau elementary school – without Curriculum 21”. In order to eliminate the aberrations of the bureaucratic moloch of the curriculum, the Thurgau people shall vote on the curriculum. Because the elementary school is too important – it must not be left to education bureaucrats.
For years, companies who take on apprentices for training, have observed fundamental flaws in the latter skills of reading, writing and calculating, as well as in their attitude to work. Parents have to practice school lessons with their children for hours at home, because in many schools, children are no longer taught in a systematic and understandable way. A dramatic change in direction has taken place in the elementary school. Stealthily, a new understanding of education has been introduced. It assumes that learning takes place automatically, if students work as independently as possible in a suitable environment equipped with didactic material according to individual plans with a weekly scope. Already today this aberration has resulted in the disorientation of many children and youngsters, disgruntled teachers and parents who have to take over parts of the teaching assignment themselves. This was never publicly discussed, although this was repeatedly questioned, in particular by teachers. In particular for children with learning difficulties, this approach has fatal consequences. After all, how can you learn skills if skills are not taught?
With the Curriculum 21 the learning achievements would certainly further deteriorate, not only in the ccore subjects German and Mathematics, but also in other subjects as Swiss history, cooking, housekeeping and handicrafts would be taught only in a rudimentary manner. Thus, the precious common good of education would be put at risk. Regarding these developments with concern, a broad-based Committee made up of parents, teachers from the kindergarten to college, remedial teachers, entrepreneurs, masters, members of executive staff and representatives of almost all political parties from left to right have got together and founded and launched the popular initiative “Yes to a good Thurgau Elementary School – without Curriculum 21”. It is calling for a referendum on new curricula as well as a curriculum with mandatory annual objectives for the individual subjects.
In 2008, the Thurgau population rejected the accession to the HarmoS Concordat. It cannot be that the uniform curricula, which represented a major part of this Concordat, are now being reintroduced via the back door, in spite of the people’s rejection.

Frauenfeld, 13 May 2015
Felix Huwiler, Co-President
IG for a good Thurgau Elementary school

(Translation Current Concerns)

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