Where are the voices of the mankind’s humanitarian conscience?

Where are the voices of the mankind’s humanitarian conscience?

Thierry Meyssan shows in his article (Current Concerns from 2 June 2015) that the current conflicts in the Middle East have been planned and intended. With the documents of the American organization Judicial Watch the facts are there in black and white: The Western powers, Turkey and the Gulf states, who like to designate themselves as “Friends of Syria”, have supported the establishment of an Islamist regime in eastern Syria – allegedly to overthrow the official government under Bashar al-Asad which was elected by the Syrian people – and this together with the terrorist group al-Qaeda: “The West, Gulf countries and Turkey support the opposition […]. Al Qaeda Iraq (AQI) supported the Syrian opposition from the beginning, both ideologically and through the media […]. If the situation unravels there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Deir Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime.”1,2 So it is clear that with regard to the current conflict in Syria and Iraq we are facing a course of action that has been and still is supported from outside the country.
To make us believe that in Syria and Iraq it is just a religious conflict between Shiites and Sunnis smouldering under the surface for centuries, means to overlook the historical facts. This is not tenable. Actually, in spite of religious differences the two groups have mainly lived in peace and in mutual respect to each other.
After their crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya with a death toll of several hundred thousand people, the above-mentioned powers have once again destabilized a country, caused anarchy and exposed the population to an unprecedented terror. Thus they are guilty of massive violations of human rights. If as a result of this policy the terrorist militias in the Levant are gaining ground this must not be used as an excuse to continue the failed policies of interventionism, as it is made believe to us in a manipulative way in many media reports of the recent days. Our fellow human beings in the Levant must not be regarded as mere pawns in a geopolitical maneuver, where one can intervene when it serves the own economic and political benefit. The interference from outside has to stop.
Everything possible must be done to facilitate a dialogue between the conflicting parties, as it has already been planned with the Geneva Conference. The crisis must be resolved with all parties at the negotiating table. Only this can prepare the ground for sustainable peace.
The responsible elites of the terrorist-supporting states will have to answer for their crimes before the Human Rights Court in The Hague.
The media in the Western countries, whose task it would be to inform openly and honestly must stop and think twice about where they could have been manipulated and why in an internal conflict, which was opaque from the very beginning, they did not follow the principle of “audiatur et altera pars” – the other party must be heard. By the way, the principle of ‘auditur et altera pars’ could also be recommended when reporting about other trouble spots in the world such as the Ukraine3. This would be a contribution to peace in the world.
We, as citizens of those Western countries who finance and support terrorism in the Levant, must protest ceaselessly, with all the means we have. We must demand that support for terror stops, so that our brothers and sisters in the Middle East – the cradle of our civilization – are not any more tortured, raped, ethnically cleansed, covered with bombs and deprived of their entire cultural heritage with our tax revenues.
Each voice that rises up against this barbarity and its supporters in the Western world, is a voice of the humanitarian conscience of mankind. The latest spin that the Asad government benefits from and supports IS is untenable. The tactics to set a fox to keep the geese attracts no longer.
Reader‘s letter

Carola and Johannes Irsiegler, Gräslikon (Switzerland)

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