Stop starving out the people of Syria! End the embargo, so that Syria can live in peace!

Stop starving out the people of Syria! End the embargo, so that Syria can live in peace!

Appeal to Chancellor Angela Merkel and the members and parliamentary groups of the German Bundestag and the European Parliament

For more than four years, the USA and its allies have been waging concealed war on Syria: they supply Islamist groups with up-to-date weaponry, and have their “military advisers” train them in camps in Turkey and Jordan for bloody missions in Syria. As in the Seventies and Eighties in Afghanistan, the Wahhabite regime in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf emirates provide billions of dollars to recruit and arm ISIS and the Al-Nusra Front.

The responsibility of the German government and the EU

The EU and the German government are participating in this dirty war against Syria. Since 2011, they have placed an embargo on Syria.
The stated goal of this embargo is to cripple Syria’s economy and force its population to rebel against their government. Together with the USA and the rulers of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf emirates, the EU and the German government have

  • “frozen” the country’s foreign credit balances, and
  • banned imports from Syria, in particular of crude oil. All monetary transactions have been prevented, in order to deprive the country of the revenues to purchase goods that it needs for its population and economy. Even bank transfers from Syrians living and working abroad to their relatives are no longer possible.
  • banned exports to Syria, in particular of fuel and heating oil, as well as the technology and equipment for pumping and refining petroleum or liquefying natural gas, and for generating stations. But without fuel and electricity, farming and food production, trades and industry come to a halt.

On 14 December 2012, the German state television news programme Tages-schau already asked cynically “How long can Assad‘s economy survive this?”, and added triumphantly “Syria’s economy is in a bad state. Even before the popular rebellion, 30% of the people live on not much more than one euro a day. There is galloping inflation. Food costs twice as much. Diesel fuel and imports scarce. Electricity is switched off for three hours even in Damascus, and longer elsewhere.” Today, three years later, Syria’s GDP has sunk by 60%, and the unemployment rate has shot up from barely 15% to 58%. 64.7% of Syrians live in extreme poverty, and can no longer afford even the barest necessities of food. In this desperate situation, violence, fanaticism, and crime flourish; terrorist organizations such as ISIS and the Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra can recruit easily.

To starve out a people deliberately is a crime!

The embargo against Syria, a developing country, is an inhuman form of warfare, directed against the civilian population. In the Nineties, more than a million people, including over half-a-million children, perished as a result of the embargo in Iraq. Do we want to top that figure? The embargo against Syria only intensifies the bloody battles there. 220,000 dead, almost a million maimed or injured, more than ten million people fleeing – is that still not enough?
We call upon you, Chancellor Merkel, and the members and parliamentary groups of the Bundestag and European Parliament, to act immediately

  • Lift the embargo against Syria, so that the country’s economy can recover, and further impoverishment of the people be prevented.
  • Grant the country humanitarian and reconstruction aid generously.
  • Restore diplomatic relations with Syria. Respect its sovereignty.
  • It is high time for the German government and the EU to assume a role as mediator in this conflict, and make a contribution to restoring peace in Syria and the region.
  • Maintaining the embargo means being an accomplice to genocide!

Responsible according to press law:
Bernd Duschner, Samhofstrasse  2a,
85276 Pfaffenhofen

You will find a list of more than 2,000 previous signatories as well the opportunity to sign on: <link http: wordpress>

Source: <link http: wordpress wp-content uploads appell-in-englischer-sprache.pdf> 

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