A letter of wrath

A letter of wrath

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Heads of State and Government

With your decades-long policy of war and exploitation you have thrust into misery millions of people in the Middle East and in Africa. Because of your policy humans are fleeing all over the world. Every third refugee in Germany comes from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. Every fifths refugee origins from Africa.
Your wars are also the cause of global terrorism. Instead of some 100 international terrorists as was the case 15 years ago, we now have more than 100,000. Your cynical ruthlessness is now striking back at us like a boomerang.
As usual, you do not really think of changing your policy. You are only fussing to cure some symptoms. That is why the security situation is becoming more dangerous and chaotic on a daily basis. More and more wars, waves of terror and refugee crises will determine the future of our planet.
One day, war will also knock at Europe’s doors again. Any businessman acting like you act would be fired or enprisoned. You are complete failures.
The peoples of the Middle East and Africa, whose countries you have destroyed and looted, as well as the peoples of Europe, who are now receiving countless desperate refugees, have to pay for your policy, and they are paying a high price. But you are washing your hands of it. You ought to be taken to the International Criminal Court. And each of your political followers should be obliged to fund at least a hundred refugee families.
In essence, the people of the world should now rise and resist your warmongering and exploiting. As once Gandhi by means of in non-violent “civil disobedience”. We need to found new movements and parties; movements for justice and humanity. They need to place wars in other countries just under the same punishment as murder and manslaughter in their own countries. And you, who are responsible for war and exploitation shall go to hell for ever. It is enough! Get off! The world would be a much better place without you.

Jürgen Todenhöfer

Dear friends, I know you should never write letters in anger. But life is much too short to always beat about the truth. Isn’t your anger so great as well that you could cry out about that blatant irresponsibility? About the infinite suffering that has been caused by these politicians? About the millions of dead? Did the warmongering politicians really believe they could go on bashing other peoples and fill their own pockets by robbing them for decades? We must no longer accept that! […]

Yours, JT

Published on the Facebook page of the author, end of August 2015
(Translation Current Concerns)

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