Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

“Assistance on-site as a Swiss principle”

What kind of world do we leave to our children and grandchildren and what will they themselves have to take charge of one day if they can? (Keyword education, for instance). In our vulnerable times a contribution to peace as that of Luzi Stamm (last edition of Current Concerns) is extremely valuable. It deserves to be discussed in many Swiss media. The motion for quitting the NATO instrument “Partnership for Peace” (PfP), has appealed to me in its reasoning. “Our nation has created for itself the great reputation ... just to help”, instead of allowing the warring parties to use it for their  objectives. The good reputation of the small state Switzerland as a neutral country that doesn’t take part in crisis regions but tries to mediate and to help must be carefully preserved. Initiatives such as the motion of Luzi Stamm give hope in our difficult time. Thank you for publishing the interview.

Renate Dünki, Oberwangen

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