Letter to the editor

Leter to the editor

Hands off human beings!

The Public Relations company Farner consults the Pro-PID-camp to avoid the theme “eugenics“ and “selection” in order to win the popular vote! But: On 27 May of this year Felix Gutzwiller, one of the most prominent PID-advocates told the Neue Zürcher Zeitung: “The most comprehensive eugenics is what is practiced by nature itself, by selecting numerous embryos that are not able to develop. In the laboratory you don’t do anything else.” We can be nothing but grateful for this sentence. By equating nature and laboratory Gutzwiller has admitted that this is what it is all about: eugenics. It is indeed breeding what man does in the laboratory. But Nature does not breed. Eugenics means man wants to breed human beings. The social Darwinists and Mr Gutzwiller (as cited) imputes the evolution to act like a (breeding) human being; that man himself has to take the evolution in his hands. We should know where all this is heading to. Nature procreated life in the course of more than four billion years. And now we arrogate to know how it works within 50 years? The Public Relations company Farner advised the Pro-camp: Impute the No-to-PID camp that they are just evoking fear of eugenics. Indeed, I am afraid of people who do not shrink back from handling human life in the laboratory as if it was peas. Hands off human beings! This was the warning of the great anthropologist Adolf Portmann in the sixties when man-breeders got the upper hand again.

M. A. & lic. phil. Moritz Nestor, psychologist, Uzwil (CH)

(Translation Current Concerns)

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