The Initiative Committee goes on

The Initiative Committee goes on

Schwyz: No school reconstruction from above and outside – the people are to decide on the elementary school

Although the introduction of the Curriculum 21 is further “promoted” by the Education Department and the Cantonal Council has declared the initiative as “invalid”, the Initiative Committee remains active. The people must be given the opportunity to vote. It is not only directly affected by the dismantling of our elementary school, but it must also pay the bill. The initiators reject the legal justification of the initiative’s annulment as untenable. The Initiative Committee’s goal is not off the table – neither by the Education Department’s large-scale “information campaign” nor by the formalistic justification of the alleged invalidity of the initiative.
The criticised contents and system changes follow the dictate of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development). So they are controlled from outside and have not emerged from the requirements of our elementary school; with changes in legislation, regulations and instructions that cause a gradual deterioration of the educational levels at the end of the school time and enormous costs and bureaucracy.
 Thus now a more extensive initiative is being prepared, which can also push a stop to the gateways for the curriculum 21 via teaching materials and teacher training, conversion of the teacher’s role as coach, control and monitoring system and ideological influence-taking at the school and so on. You will hear again from the Initiative Committee.

Irene Herzog-Feusi, President of the Initiative Committee

Source: Initiative for changing the Public Schools Act – Stop the curriculum 21, Communiqué, 24 November 2015
The opinion of the initiators for the attention of the Cantonal Council can be read on the website
<link http:>  and can be requested from the initiative committee in paper form.

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