An addendum to the climate conference

An addendum to the climate conference

Of course we have to take care of our beautiful Earth and naturally of its atmosphere. It is the respect for life and our care for our childret that makes such a claim self-evident. It is also apparent to everyone that we look for new sources of energy and that we must promote their use, if only because the energies that we are using today are finite. Even the skeptics, who doubt that we humans can control the global warming or the cooling of the earth at all, let alone the exact degree, will not object to that, especially sinc such a reorientation definitely makes sense economically.
 What I miss in the Final Declaration of Paris is the demand to end all wars immediately. In my view this request has to come first, especially if you – apart from the endless human suffering – consider how much energy is wasted with every bomb that destroys our world; and that is certainly not CO2-neutral.

Dieter Sprock

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