Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

A protection clause – what for?

At first glance it might be assumed that the Federal Council has become somewhat encouraged in the matter of the free movement of persons. It takes into consideration, perhaps against the will of the EU, to implement a safeguard clause relating to the free movement of persons. This could also be rhetoric. For this reason, the alert citizen may make a specific enquiry: What precisely does the Federal Council intend to protect with its safeguard clause? Is the population growth to be inhibited? Are territorial claims of the Swiss citizens to their home to be protected from foreign infiltration? Is the right of Swiss citizens to work in their home country be protected by preference of nationals? Does the Federal Council want to prevent that Swiss citizens have to emigrate into the EU because of unemployment? Currently, the EU nations do not have things under control. Do we have control in Switzerland and do we want to keep it up? Do we want to pass on direct democracy to future generations or do we want to end up in the non-democratic EU? We must be aware that what we call the free movement of persons today, already exists in the EU as a de facto complete free movement of all citizens. Does the Federal Council want this complete free movement of citizens with the EU or does it want us to remain an independent country with its own civil rights? This question has to be honestly answered by the Federal Council at all levels in the next months. If not, we should have the courage to enquire precisely.

Ivo Muri, Switzerland

(Translation Current Concerns)

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