Greece and Ukraine ask for German solidarity

Greece and Ukraine ask for German solidarity

by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer

Germany’s help was supposed to be “without alternative” when Greece could no longer pay its debts amounting to 120 billion of euros to international banks and when not only the country of Greece but also the reckless financiers were threatened by bankruptcy. As there were mainly American and French banks involved, Obama, EU and Draghi blackmailed the European states to take over directly or indirectly by means of rescue funds; thus Athens was able to continue to contract debts amounting to 320 billion of euros – and thus Greece’s debt – and the liability of the EU countries have increased to 320 billion of euros of which in case of bankruptcy the German tax payer will have to pay 100 billion (assumption of liability through the “rescue packages”). Those who have profited from the resuce “without alternative” were only the international finance industry and the Greek tax-exempt multi-billion-dollar ship owners (who are free from taxation), the victims are the simple Greeks, but also at the very moment now the German citizens who will have to pay at any rate sooner or later for the payment default of Greece.
The often quoted solidarity with Greece that has been conjured was therefore but a rescue of banks at the espense of the tax payers and has but increased and prolonged the financial problems without solving any problem.
Things are similar in Ukraine, which is threatened by bankruptcy, too. It was the adventurer Soros who acquired an essential part of the Ukrainian State’s debts underprice. The markets had given up the country (80% probability of going bankrupt).
Formerly Ukraine lived substantially on the trade with Russia and Russian grants. Yatsenyuk, American citizen and Ukrainian Prime minister , handed over the treasury of 33 tons of gold to the USA as payment for US expenses for the Maidan riot (500 million). There is nothing left. Neither are there any financiers. The IMF promised 17 billion, however it claims comprehensive reforms (above all “privatisation” of the black-soil-grounds, which the US company Dreyfus already owns dollars. The country badly needs another 15 billion euro which Kiev has not yet been willing to pay which Yatsenyuk asked Mrs chancellor for. She fobbed him off with 500 million (credit guaranties) (why at all?), especially since the Ukrainian president already announced that he needed the money above all for supplementary weapons to be used against the Republic of Donetsk because he wanted to wage a war of conquest there. By promising money to Yatsenyuk (US citizen!) Mrs Chancellor agreed to give “military aid to crisis regions” that is forbidden by law.
Now Juncker has stepped in, and conjured up European solidarity: As experience teaches it is the European citizens that will be again the victims of such solidarity because pressure is exerted by powerful international interests. Based on the US motto: “Ukraine shall be another component of the American Empire, the costs however, shall be a European task.”     •
(Translation Current Concerns)

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