Nobel Prize for Peace for Merkel?

Nobel Prize for Peace for Merkel?

by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer

The signatory criticized Merkel during the financial crisis because she assumed the liability for debts of hundreds of billions of euros at the expense of her Geman voters and tax payers to rescue international banks that had gambled their money away and the European countries that were indebted to them. She did so in order to obey the orders of the international big finance and to a phone call with Obama when he had shouted at her. What she called “without alternative” then and what Schäuble did not understand (“Warranties are not payments”) is now being turned into German debts and payments that generations will have to stand up for in the case of Greece.
What, however, Merkel has undertaken in the Ukrainian crisis, commands respect. The chancellor knows for sure that Maidan as the Orange Revolution and the Ukrainian crisis are consequences of the USA’s seizure and their military endeavor to cut Ukraine out of Russia’s sphere of influence of and to incorporate it into their own Empire. The prey is already being distributed.
Half of Ukraine’s black earth soils are being appropriated by American food industries (Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont), prime minister Yatsenyuk and the finance minister are US citizens and three more ministers engaged from abroad are CIA agents, and all of them are listening to the orders of Nuland, US administrator for the East.
The arms industry in the US and many leaders of the US Republican Party have been demanding for long that the US help Ukraine directly by means of arms deliveries and that the US step in later because the arms industry in the US is underemployed and since they make up as much as 70 percent of the productive economy of the USA they are indeed relevant.
That Merkel was able to wrest the agreement for a peace mission from President Obama in a four hours’ talk inspite of those US interests, operations and politics, was more than a masterpiece. That she then engaged also the French president and achieved an agreement which prevents the war which many US circles want to be waged in Europe, for the time being at any rate, cannot be rated highly enough, prized highly enough and deserves the Nobel Prize for Peace. At any rate she has made it more difficult for both of the world powers to grab for Ukraine, and in a credible way has represented the desire for peace prevailing in Europe that is opposed to those endeavors.
Her courage is even the greater if you bear in mind that not only the corrupt oligarchs in Ukraine itself, but also the separatists and above all the American military and finance industry (Soros) would like nothing better than a war and that they tried to prevent the success of the negotiations by giving directives to their man of confidence Porochenko.
If the agreement of Minsk is more or less sustainable Merkel will have prevented war in Europe for the time being by her courageous peacekeeping step.
That, however, Germany and Europe have to finance the new US province of Ukraine after Greece now, has been probably the price we must pay for peace.    •
(Translation Current Concerns)

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