The German Federal Republic must not enter into war!

The German Federal Republic must not enter into war!

Open letter to the Nuremberg members of the German Parliament

One thing in advance: There is nobody surpassing me in terms of condolence with France, with Paris and especially with the families of the victims and of disgust looking at that devious attack. I lived in Paris for a year, I had a home in Latin quarter and studied at Sorbonne University. I have absorbed the spirit and the atmosphere of this city and can literally feel with my own body the pain that was dealt to this city.
Nevertheless, I oppose Germany’s entry into the war, no matter how harmless the government is trying to represent it: no infantry, merely granting aid to the bombardments, everything limited to one year. But the truth is that we would enter into a war of which today, nobody can say whether and when we can get out again. (Experts of the “Bundeswehr” association are reckoning with at least ten years.) In the heterogeneous Alliance of those willing to go to war, there are neither coherent beliefs about the aims of this war, nor is there the slightest consensus about any post-war order, which might bring a normal life to the people in Syria and Iraq without terror and military violence. On top of that, the risk of a military confrontation within the Anti-ISIS mission is  huge because of the almost contradicting spheres of interest.  In case of emergency, the Syrian War is in danger of getting entirely out of control, plunging the whole of Europe into ruin.
Besides, the intended resolution for an entry into this war is lacking a viable legal basis. It is startling that most of the members of the Great Coalition don’t seem to care at all about diverging from the spirit and the letters of our “Grundgesetz” (Basic Law), resorting to ever more daring interpretations of range of restraint, that our constitution actually imposed on us with good reason.
The bitter lessons of the failed Afghanistan War don’t seem to be taken to heart yet: 14 years of war, uncounted, mainly civil casualties, 40 billion euro for the German tax payer and the consequence that ten thousands of Afghans seek refuge in Europe, seeing no future in their old home.
Should this really happen once more if under different portent?
I persistently appeal to you, members of the German Parliament, not to step onto the fatal path of war, but to seek  ways to express our upright solidarity with France without entering the armed conflict.

Peter Schönlein, Mayor ret., Nuremberg

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