Again German tanks 150 km away from Leningrad?

Again German tanks 150 km away from Leningrad?

Berlin is the capital of the Orwellian “Newspeak”

by Willy Wimmer

Berlin seems to be developing into the world’s capital of criminal historical amnesia. Without any sense for the thoughtfulness present in the German people and without concern for our eastern neighbours, they behave as loudmouths again. This is demonstrated by statements from senior German officers in the name of a NATO mission, made on the well-known battlefields in Eastern Europe. But it is going much further. While the political party NPD is judged here by the German Federal Constitutional Court and, facing a ban due to the horrible past, these forces of the past are commanded under broad support from the German Government to the corruption-infected Ukraine at the border of the Russian neighbour. Already in spring 2014, after American mercenaries had stirred up the Eastern Ukraine, sparking a civil war, the West and the Ukrainian leadership unleashed the battalions of the Western Ukraine, reminiscent not only in Russia for the worst of times. After Israeli specialists had been seen in Kiev it was unbelievable who had made a local peace with these ghosts of the past.

Why again German tanks near of Leningrad?

There seems to be a clear line in our country. The horrors of the past are relevant only to as far as they may be useful for the own purposes. Quite opportunistic and certainly a career asset, if one pays attention to the nuances. Why then should the legitimate feelings of others be respected? Particularly if these people belong to our largest neighbouring nation, the Russians. The new decisions of NATO or what seems to be in preparation, are a clear message deliberately playing with the terrible images of the past: Our tanks are again 150 km from Leningrad and thus from the present St. Petersburg. For years, St. Petersburg has spruced up itself, turning into a shining metropolis and a place of longing for cruise tourists and other travellers. The city copes with all that, is full of life and thinks European, because one belongs to Europe and wants to belong to it. For years, the Russian Federation has been targeted by the West’s intense agitation. This alone is hard to take. But what kind of a signal is the West giving this city which in World War II became a symbol of suffering like no other city: NATO tanks are brought up at its city borders? Have they in Russia been so wrong about us and others, when the end of the Cold War was heralded together with us, when the division of Europe was over and the people from Neuss and Halle could again embrace each other?
The justifications for the NATO troop build-up are far-fetched and only serve the American idea of supremacy. Without any hesitation, our German soldiers will be sacrificed to this aim.
Berlin is also the capital of the Orwellian “Newspeak”. Anyone who could see the end of the Cold War knows about the mechanisms that have been able to bring about the end of this dramatic conflict. The negotiations and the use of appropriate negotiating structures made it possible. In the subsequent years it was not the Russian Federation which has demolished this whole “peace framework” and wrecked it. The United States have obviously seen that nothing is more harmful to their interests on the Euro-Asian continent as a fruitful cooperation between the nations in this territory. With the war against Belgrade, the US have brought war back to Europe and its recent decisions will likely make it grow into a global dimension. It is obvious that in the Russian Federation, however, thoughts of the “Great Patriotic War” are mobilised. Exactly these considerations reveal the fateful direction in which we are moving due to the activities of our own government. Why not use the images of this war for the own actions? Exactly this clearly shows the perversion of the Western approach. It is not even necessary to pull up the historical images of George Friedman dating from his Stratfor time, but now there are those forces at the Russian border representing – from a Russian perspective – a highly fateful combination of former allies and wartime enemies.

The Obama war council in Hanover will go down in history

Since time immemorial, the image of a fair – and especially that of Hannover – is connected to the idea of peaceful cooperation. Also here, the Russians have been pulled over the barrel. The cooperation in the WTO is intended to serve the business by more intense cooperation and interconnection of economies, but also the peace.
Everything prospered magnificently, even Düsseldorfs’ armaments group “Rheinmetall” was working for the Russian armed forces. After everybody had adjusted to a future cooperation even in sensitive areas, the noose was tightened on them in form of sanctions in order to cause the greatest possible damage. Everybody is left speechless, but is powerless when Washington’s warmongers whistle. Here, soon there will be a secret agent behind every mosque, but no one dares to ask why it is that we are in a process of complete governmental dissolution? Soon, if the daily provocations do not stop, we won’t have to wonder anymore why everything went fatally wrong. The US are playing  undauntedly the games known from the times of the Cold War, which are aimed at the enemy – here Russia – to entice him to the one wrong reaction, which would justify the big strike.
Since what happened in the port of Havana in the late 19th century, one knows how to deal with it. The German Government is now supporting this, aware that we will not survive this perverse practice as a nation. And our alleged allies in Eastern Europe? Finally, with our economic and the American military potential, they can puff up their cheeks to sock it to “the Russians”. How degenerated has Berlin become to approve this behaviour?
After the Washington speech of potential Republican presidential candidate Trump, the German Foreign Minister could think of nothing better than to evaluate this speech. After all, Berlin has sufficient experience to fail superbly with that kind of behaviour, being obliged to kowtow later, in case he gets elected, in order improve the conditions. No wonder that Minister Steinmeier scourges Trump’s speech about making “America first” as the yardstick. Of course, a “Germany first” is unthinkable in Berlin, even if we should be anxious about the “absence of war” on the common continent. In future we would definitely recommend the “Obersalzberg” for meetings like the Hanover meeting.     •
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