Letter to the Editor 2

Letter to the editor 2

Angela and Barack in Hanover

One would think that the meeting of the most powerful man of the world and the most powerful woman of Europe – glamorously prepared by the media – would be a win-win-situation. As our chancellor can well use the praise and support of the highest authority after her disastrous solo run in the refugee crisis. For other European states are registering the German boundless solo run with dismay and scorn. They do not think to commit themselves to contingents. Also at home her popularity is in free fall. The people feel ignored as to existential questions of their future and the communities are moaning because of challenges they can hardly rise to. And there is the presidents “I am proud of the German population” so to speak balm for the German soul.
But Obama has also got problems in his domestic policy and would like to get the TTIP contract – very important to the interests of the USA – in the bag at the end of his term of office. In this matter he has got a “reliable” and “strong” partner, our chancellor: so far the flawed win-win-game.
According, however, to the point of view “unveiled” through standards of realpolitik, German domestic and foreign policies are committed to strict guidelines of our transatlantic playmakers. And this regards particularly our chancellor – more than anyone else – is serving these interests, therefore strengthening her position  is the very own interest of the USA.
Against this background it seems just spooky when at the same time and place, outshined by these two shining lights and strangely underexposed in our media, there was an immense demonstration against TTIP: A thunderbolt of 90,000 demonstrating people who came from all parts of the country! Once more, it manifests in a dramatic way the inner turmoil, the instability of our country. And this cleft, the sorrow of the people does not only exist regarding the issue of TTIP, but also regarding the management of the refugee crisis and the consequences for the future of the whole of our country.

Dr med Horst A. Hoffmann, Kiel, specialist for children’s and youth medicine, psychotherapist

(Translation Curent Concerns)

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