Brazil – misled, humiliated and robbed

Brazil – misled, humiliated and robbed

Knocked back for decades in its development shortly after the Government was overthrown

ben. “Order and progress” was once written on Brazil’s flag by its people. Right now, the policies of the unlawful government under ad interim president, Michel Temer, are knocking the Federal Republic back for decades. Brazil’s regression takes us back to an oligarchic system, where only the interests of a exploitative minority were preserved on the back of the majority of the population.
Even before the government was overthrown, Michel Temer had announced a program in his foundational papers, which aims at a privatisation of “everything that’s possible”. “The state must lead the whole field of infrastructure into the private sector. […] It is necessary to redesign the relationship between the state and private companies as a provider of facilities”, so published in “O Globo” on 29 April.

Destruction of the social state and the sovereignty

This “redesigning” came after an orgy of destruction of the social state: many government departments such as agriculture, women’s affairs, social justice, human rights and culture were abolished. Minimal subventions in vital areas of health and education were cancelled. The financing of the national health care system SUS was ended and given into private hands. The sociopolitical program “Bolsa-Família” for supporting poor families was massively driven back, the social reform in the work sector was repealed and the demarkation of the country which has been implemented by the land reform was revisited.
What was foreseeable was the privatisation of the oil industry (oil shale and oil sand) as well as the semi-federal mineral oil company Petrobas; but even the postal offices were privatised. The privatisation of the Central Bank of Brazil will deal the death blow to the sovereignty of the state. The announcement of the approval of gambling like Bingo, betting on animal games and Casinos fits well at this point. The withdrawal from the alliance of the BRICS states as well as from the New Development Bank BRICS founded in 2014 is also scheduled. Eventually, the BRICS states lose the south american country. – The list of regressive measures, initiated by the illegal government, is long.

IMF, World Bank and USA are supporting the overthrow

According to the German “Handels-blatt” on 14 May, the revelation platform WikiLeaks published proof of the fact that Michel Temer worked for the US intelligence agency as a whistleblower in 2006. The reports from Temer to US Diplomate Christopher J. McMullen have been published earlier in 2011. Mark Weisbrot, vice director of the “Center for Economic and Political Research” (CEPR), in an interview with TV broadcaster RT on 14 May explained the following: “It is a new government, which wants to draw nearer to the United States of America. They want to nominate José Serra, who had lost the presidential elections in 2010, as foreign minister. He had a program which resembled the foreign policy of the US. […] He truly was in accordance with american policies.”
So, it is not surprising that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) praised the neoliberal measures of the illegal Temer government in a report from TV broadcaster teleSur on 19 May. For the IMF, these measures are the guarantee for the return of international investors. The approach is confirming the Brazilian governmental interest to be in a good relationship with the IMF, their secretary said. Only recently, on 17 May, the Washington D.C. based World Bank has harshly criticised the Brazilian social welfare programs according to  “Nação Unidas no Brasil” (<link https: brasil-tera-que-escolher-entre-combater-pobreza-ou-manter-privilegios-fiscais-alerta-banco-mundial external-link seite:>; even if the multinational development bank had to admit in their report that these programs were “working efficiently”. With the help of these programs, 24.6 million Brazilians could escape poverty between 2001 and 2003. – How long does it take until people begin to notice that Michel Temer raised the flag of the Brazilian dictatorship from 1961?    •
(Translation Current Concerns)

Sponsored protests

The protests against Dilma Rousseff emanated from different groups, with several of them having direct or indirect relations to powerful representatives of the financial capital and the business community at home and abroad.
One of them is the Free Brazil Movement (MBL), a far-right collective of young people that believe the solutions to the country’s economic problems are based on free-market policies. Two leading figures of the MBL, Fabio Ostermann und Juliano Torres, were educated in the Atlas Leadership Academy, a satellite of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation – directly funded by the notorious US-businessmen the Koch Brothers.
Another leading group are the Students For Liberty (EPL) who is working together with the MBL. The EPL is the Brazilian associate of an organisation with the same name in the US, also financed by the Koch-Brothers.
Furthermore these Brothers invested millions of dollars in the oil industry what might explain their interest in a destabilisation of the Brazilian Government and the semi-governmental Petrobras. The president, Dilma Rousseff, denied major US oil and mining companies returning to Brazil and was instead looking to China for investment.  In 2013, US Vice President Joe Biden is said to have visited Brazil to try to persuade Rousseff to allow US companies to access the country’s oil fields. The president denied…
Just as little pleased Wallstreet is by Rousseffs support for creating a new world reserve currency and for the establishment of a New Development Bank. Surely not exicited the US was also by the construction of a 5,600 kilometer-long (about 3,200 miles) fiber-optic telecommunications system across the Atlantic to Europe initiated by Rousseff in 2014, which might undermine the US - backed communications monopolies.

Source: Telesur from 12 and 13 May 2016

Eric Draitser. BRICS under Attack: The Empire Strikes Back in Brazil. Global Research from 18 April 2016 (Mint Press 22.3.2016)

Temer is an embassy informant for the United States

According to a comment in “Finanz und Wirtschaft” (13.5.2016) Temer is “in the eyes of many Brazilians a member of political cronyism”. According to the German newspaper “Zeit-online” (12.5.2016) his poll ratings are at 2%.
In contrast to Rousseff he is personally associated with corruption scandals. Recently, he was fined for violations of the electoral law and is facing an 8-year suspension from any official duty (including his current). It shall come into force as soon as he finishes exercising his authority; then he cannot take a new position for a period of 8 years. (Source: Glenn Greenwald, The intercept, 19.5.)
Also, on 13 May, WikiLeaks revealed that Temer worked as an informant for US intelligence and the Pentagon. The internet platform brought attention to two cables, one dated 11 January, the other 21 June, sent from São Paulo, Brazil, to the US Southern Command in Miami. In it, Temer discusses the political situation in Brazil during the presidency of Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva and his party’s plans in case of winning the elections.

Source: <link http: news another-us-sponsored-spnosred-coup-brazils-new-president-whas-embassy-informant-us-in>

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