CETA shall apply already “preliminary”

“If CETA is ‘preliminary’ enacted, the US companies actually need TTIP no longer, because all of them have subsidiaries in Canada …”

CETA shall apply already “preliminary”

by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer

On 13 May 2016, the green and left parties in the German “Bundestag” have tried in vain to stop the acceptance of the majority of black and red parties for CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement). In vain they pointed out that 80% of the population would be against it, and the Government in turn appreciates the solidarity to the United States and the EU higher than the interests and the will of their own people.

The “Free Trade Agreement” CETA is been negotiated between Canada and the EU in secrecy and unilaterally in a similar way as the TTIP agreement between the United States and the EU. The will of the European people, parliaments and governments has not played any role so far, when Canada and the EU’s Politburo signed CETA already last year. Since then they claim that the parliaments of the Member countries would have nothing to say in this matter.

In case of resistance of the population: Juncker’s method

Meanwhile, it is made clear that CETA is a “mixed treaty”, which can’t become valid without the consent of the parliaments of the Member countries. CETA is threatened to fail for this reason (same as TTIP) because of the resistance of the population and the parliaments of some countries. So the Brussels Politburo deploys the Juncker method: “We decide something, proclaim it and then wait for some time, what happens. If there is no big whoop and no riots, because most people do not understand what was decided, then we continue – step by step, until there’s no going back…” Because of the national resistance and of the adverse impact the CETA agreement may not be accepted by the sovereign parliaments in this way or potentially at all, the Politburo in Brussels wants to create facts by an “preliminary introduction” and wants to eliminate national resistance and criticism.

Precautionary principle undermined

If CETA would apply preliminary already, the European “precautionary principle” would be undermined already. Under European environmental law all products are prohibited, where a heath detriment is suspected. Then, the producer must demonstrate that such detriment will not occur. According to American and Canadian law, however, the EU would not be in a position to object, if the compliance of products was confirmed “on a scientific basis”. By this trick American companies always got their products certified as compliant by experts paid by them.
GM-Soya for example: In the United States and Canada GM-Soya is permitted, because Monsanto provided appropriate scientific assessments. It is now proven in a counter-assessment that mice fed with GM-Soya became infertile after nine generations. Monsanto’s argument: That applies to animals only. This has not been proven yet concerning humans (because there’s no GM-Soya contaminated ninth-generation). The European precautionary principle requires, however, that GM-Soya could only be admitted if Monsanto provides the evidence that it is demonstrably safe for people – in contrast to animals –. If CETA is now tentatively introduced, the United States can introduce their products as certified according to their principles in the EU. Monsanto has therefore already precautionary applied for a license to export their GM-Soya via Canada on the basis of the “preliminary invocation of the CETA EU”.
Also the infamous Investment Protection Clause is not decided yet. It is claiming that corporations could sue states and municipalities if they would ban products of Canadian corporations for health reasons, and that this would be decided by a private arbitration panel, where corporate lawyers are convened. It is rejected even by the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany), but is intended to be practically enforced by the preliminary introduction of CETA.
How strong the pressure is and the cronyism of international corporations with the Politburo in Brussels, is demonstrated by the example of the registration of glyphosate in these days, which is certified for further nine years. The serious health concerns of the national supervisory authorities were overwhelmed by the international power of corporations and purchased assessments in Brussels.
If CETA is “preliminary” enacted, the US companies actually need TTIP no longer, because all of them have subsidiaries in Canada through which they can control the previously unacceptable and dangerous exports to the EU. A preliminary introduction of CETA practically opens the door to dominate Europe by U.S. corporations, which was aimed for by TTIP (Cheney: “TTIP is to be a base of the economic dominance of the United States similarly as the NATO is providing the military base.”)
Also concerning TTIP Merkel is pushing to rush on Obama’s command, because 80% of the German and French population and potentially the next US Government too don’t want TTIP. US corporations want to use a last chance under Obama’s reign, to underpin their power over Europe.
The scandal concerning CETA and TTIP is that the black-red Government, as already done in taking over the debt of international banks (“Greece rescue”), betrays the will of the majority of our population for the benefit of American and EU loyalty. At the same time, it berates the parties which want to resist against these secret contracts according to the will of the people as “populist”, especially the new German party AfD (Alternative for Germany). The Berlin Government gang is now that far out of touch or bought by the United States that it names those who try to enforce the will of their own peoples – populus – as “populist”, although the Constitutional Law obliges in Article 20 all parties to obey the will of the people and not the will of the US corporations.
By the “preliminary” enactment of CETA and of TTIP in the future not only the will of the majority of the population is betrayed, but also a dictatorship of companies instead of democracy is practiced.
All Democrats do not only have the right but the duty to resist!     •
(Translation Current Concerns)

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