Van der Bellen wants to raise EU submission to a dogma that supersedes democratic decisions

Van der Bellen wants to raise EU submission to a dogma that supersedes democratic decisions

Non-party Persons Committee to exit EU: Abolish postal votes again!

As in the OTS release from 30 May already shown (see <link http: presseaussendung ots_20160530_ots0018>, the first public statements of the newly elected President of Austria – he had a razor thin margin of 0.23% (15 000 votes) – rings alarm bells with many citizens. Van der Bellen’s declaration, he is not appointing an “Europe-hostile” government, even if this would be legitimized by a democratic electoral majority, contradicts unabashedly against the supreme construction principle of Austria’s Republic construction, namely put down in the first sentence of our Federal Constitution: “Austria is a democratic republic. Its law emanates from the people” (and not from the Federal President)!
“On behalf of 261,056 officially confirmed signatories of the bipartisan EU exit referendum in July 2015, we hereby protest in the strongest terms against such dictatorial Office conception. Van der Bellen obviously needs to thank those politics and the media whose spiritual authority lies with USA/NATO/EU. This time it was clearly recognizable as it was in its extremely manipulative EU accession campaign before the referendum of 06.12.1994,” explains Inge Rauscher today, spokeswoman of the non-party persons committee to exit EU.”

Yes to Europe – no to the EU!

The persons committee to exit EU rejects to be referred to as “Europe-enemies”. There can be no question that this is a classic case “defamation” in the political context. No wonder why many citizens speak only of “van der Brussels” when referring to the new President. Many Austrians want to be in a Europe of free and independent States in which the citizens have a say and are not a colony of “Brussels”, “Washington” or any other patronizing center anywhere in the world.

Limiting the constitutional rights of the Federal President is not a solution!

“Only shortly in power, van der Bellen wants to abolish the constitutional right of the President to dismiss the government for particularly serious breaches of law, which is in force since 1929,” says Inge Rauscher. “He is about to legitimize indirectly – even in retrospect – the severe and persistent breaches of law which to a large extent has brought massive social and economic consequences by the red-black government in connection: Such as mass entry and transit of unregistered migrants last year in Austria. These were even declared by the government, months after the damage has occurred, as being illegal. A President, who does not cowardly tolerate such (and other, lasting and serious) illegalities and intervenes would be prevented in the future by the united political and media front – after the Soviet.”
It is obvious that his proposed “Constitutional Convention” is designed for the situation of a possible electoral victory of Norbert Hofer at the next presidential election. Constitutional rights are only accepted as long as Federal power is in the “right hands”. True to George Orwell: “All are equal – only some are more equal!” The probably for all times unsurpassed definition of dictatorship!

The questionable absentee ballot should be abolished again!

Van der Bellen’s very thin election victory was also not won at the ballot box, but exclusively by questionable absentee votes, which reversed the actual electoral vote. The potential for abuse in the absentee ballot system ranges from direct interference in filling the absentee-voting card within the family, homes, mosques and so on (a de facto violation of the secrecy of voting) to double voting, propagation of invalid ballots by (unintentional) errors when sending the envelopes and betrayal when counting the votes.
Inge Rauscher concluded: “The absentee ballot is to be further expanded, as the Head of the elections and referendum in the Interior Ministry, ministerial secretary Robert Stein hinted in a television interview in “Zeit-im-Bild”: As in other EU countries the number of polling stations will be centralized in Austria, i.e., reduced, which automatically will and should increase the absentee votes! All “learned Austrians” can draw only one conclusion: We demand the abolition of absentee ballot before it is too late for a democratic Austria!

Questions & contact: Party independent EU exit persons committee, Inge Rauscher <link>, <link http:>

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