Letter to the editor

“If Brexit becomes an instrument”

In order to fully understand the current development regarding the Brexit, one should remember a statement by Professor A. Stahel from 2012 (Current Concerns No. 30, 16 July 2012). It highlights the long-term geo- and military strategy of the US for the coming decades, subject of the report “Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership: Priorities for 21st Century Defense” on 3 January 2012. According to this report, the USA focused their military efforts on the conflict with China, which seemed to be imminent. Commitment and US troops would be withdrawn from Europe. Nevertheless, the United States wanted to maintain their hegemony for the next hundred years. The strategic pillars in Europe was to prevent the alliance of Germany and Russia. The UK and France had a central task in here.
By opening a front line in the Ukraine we were able to learn that the United States are deadly serious about this. Regardless of the outcome of the presidential election, it remains strategically essential for the United States to maintain and enhance a threatening position to Russia in Europe. Fragmentation and crises are a possible option in this. Currently the Intermarium forms itself as a belt between Germany and Russia with a separate military structure. The territory of the Intermarium had previously been more or less German economic area.
If Brexit becomes an instrument to inflame European countries against each other, the US empire could record a victory. Divide and rule is a proven means of domination. If European countries are aware of the overall situation and want to oppose it, they have to maintain neighborly relations more than previously, allow no discord, develop functional forms of cooperation, settle disputes and so on. Small regional crises can escalate, they are suitable as tinder for large disasters. This is to be avoided.

Dr. N. P. Ammitzboell, Tobel

(Translation Current Concerns)

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