Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

“A crescendo of the powers of peace is possible”

I am deeply concerned about an impending global disaster, namely that of a third world war. Often repression mechanisms become effective in myself, saying: “That’ll go off all right,” because one refuses to believe it. Unfortunately, with a clear view I must notice now that we are really on the brink of disaster. After reading “Wiederkehr der Hasardeure” and also recent reports of Willy Wimmer: “In my judgement we are approaching a global disaster” all of us have to realise that there is no more time to waste. Following the article by Karl Müller, according to the “White Paper 2016”, the security policy and thus the German armed forces should assume the role of global leadership.
To fall in fear and panic is not resol­ving the problem, no more than to give oneself up to fate. Our historical experiences of the last century should encourage us to raise the voice and getting even louder, to make our position clear to our government: when it comes to questions of war and peace, just we as Germans have to take a clear stance and are no longer willing to tolerate the permanent breaking of international and national law by our supposed representatives of the people.
Germany in particular has the power, due to its geographical location in the heart of Europe, its economic and military potential to weaken the US-led aggression power of NATO, to prevent the worst. With this letter to the editor I especially want to call on all Germans, to consider together, what we can do against the impending disaster. How can we Germans combine the strengths to organise the necessary crescendo in our country?

Werner Voß, Wiehl (Germany)

(Translation Current Concerns)

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