Turkey, Russia – François Hollande’s permanent “Munich”

Turkey, Russia – François Hollande’s permanent “Munich”

by Nicolas Dupont-Aignan*, France

“Though you never know with certainty how wars may be won, it is very well known how to lose them”, declares the president of the political party “Débout la France” (DLF). Nicolas Dupont-Aignan explains that France is betraying its own interests in order to obey Brussels, Berlin and Washington.

The resignation of the French government, which claims to be at war with Islamist terrorism but does not draw the material consequences, can be observed not only concerning internal politics, but also beyond our borders, where the foreign policy of France is increasingly being directed into wrong channels under the pressure of political correctness and the interests of “friendly” powers. How far away have we already diverged from Gaullist diplomacy! This was respected by everyone because it rejected foul compromises, servile submissivity, thinking dictated by a political bloc, and vacuous principles.
François Hollande’s attitude towards Russia and Turkey seen against the backdrop of the war of destruction declared against us by “Da’esh” [IS] from its Syrian-Iraqi territory is a pathetic and at the same time an absurd image of this.
While adjusting to an ever more Islamist and increasingly less democratic Turkey, Paris is devastatingly inflexible against Russia, which would objectively speaking be its best ally against “Da’esh” in the Middle East. The “democratic” values and principles supposedly determinating our diplomacy thus prove to be very unstable – this is strongly reminiscent of France’s attitude at the Munich conference of September 1938 – it is in fact rather like an unacknowledged perpetual Munich attitude!
We are sacrificing our fundamental interests – the safety of our citizens and the actions we should take for a more stable and balanced international order – in order to unreasonably favour troublesome partners.
To please Berlin and to avoid snubbing Brussels with regard to Schengen, François Hollande will not dare to affront the Turkey of that Mr Erdogan who is threatening to reopen the sluicegates for migrants on their way to Europe. We would never have come to these straights, if Mrs Merkel – rather than unilaterally creating a flood of migration – had last year thought to apply the brakes to her “generosity”, which has in the meanwhile proved to be totally irresponsible! So the brutal purges after the failed coup and Ankara’s dubious relations with “Da’esh” – both in Syria as well as in Libya – are not reason enough to stay negotiations on Turkey’s accession to the EU and freedom of movement for Turkish nationals to Europe, which are programmed for October? We are even unable to put pressure on this country to stop all its support of the caliphate, for the destruction of which we should deploy all our energies.
At the same time the USA continue to make every effort to put the EU at odds with Russia, for fear that a too close relationship between these partners might weaken America’s position on the old continent. That is the real cause of the new Cold War, which is artificially built and hazardous, a war that Washington has declared on Moscow on the quiet, by keeping alive an obsolete military alliance – NATO – and by constantly challenging Russia, right on its doorstep (Ukraine, Georgia, and so on). And this despite its promises made in the early nineties to refrain from all actions of interference in the countries of the former Soviet Union. The obsession of Europe and France with the Ukrainian crisis and with the annexation of the Crimea – Russian areas for centuries! – and the EU’s absurd sanctions against Moscow are part of this policy, which corresponds so little to our own interests.
This behaviour is completely absurd, because only Russia has proved to be efficient in its efforts to curb “Da’esh”. As contrasted to the US, whose intricate activities clearly aim at putting a very tight squeeze on Moscow and Tehran by trying to replace Bashar al-Assad by Syrian rebels instead of really fighting Islamist terrorism in the Middle East … How else could the ongoing military aid from Washington to the Syrian opposition now dominated by al Qaeda followers be understood? One thing is not to wish that the power of Bashar al-Assad be strengthened by the necessary fight against “Da’esh”, but to try for his overthrow at any cost by installing Islamists – competitors of Da’esh – in Damascus, is another thing! Is the US government aware of its irresponsibility – the US which was already responsible for the destruction of the Iraqi state a decade ago? And what about the EU?
Cowardly pussyfooting around Turkey on the one hand, and being absurdly stubborn against Russia on the other, the French diplomacy at the service of Berlin and Washington is sinking to the level of an unworthy “permanent Munich”. It is high time to correct France’s foreign policy: Even if we never know for certain how wars can be won, we know very well how they are lost.     •

*    Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, born in 1961 in Paris, is a French conservative and gaullist politician, mayor and member of the national assembly of Yerres (Département Essonne). He is president of the party “Débout la France“ (DLF) and candidate for the presidential elections in France.

Source: Le Figaro from 3.8.2016

(Translation Current Concerns)

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