Correctly recognising the signs of the times Is Germany preparing for a war?

Correctly recognising the signs of the times

New German framework for civil protection

Is Germany preparing for a war? Consequences for Switzerland

rl./me. On 24 August, the German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière proposed instructions to the Cabinet which have been developed since 2012 as part of a “Konzeption Zivile Verteidigung KZV” (Concept for Civilian Defense). The proposals were adopted by the Cabinet. The German Government is very late in meeting its requirement to establish a civil protection concept. It is part of an overall “framework directive for the total defense” (RRGV) which also includes a “Bundeswehr Concept” (KdB).
    Is Germany preparing for a coming war? For the first time since the end of the Cold War, not only terrorist attacks and cyber attacks are officially expected but also a war situation. However, the current release of this report must be viewed as part of a comprehensive psychological war preparation. The background of this domestic political step is not least due to the alliance policy of Germany as a “faithful vassal” of Washington.
    This has consequences for current Swiss policy.

Concrete proposals

The 70 page “Concept for Civilian Defense (KZV)” from the German Federal Ministry of the Interior of 24 August lists detailed steps of a civil preparation for war case (see. <link https: shareddocs downloads de broschueren> This comprehensive paper presents steps for dealing with nuclear, biological and chemical contamination (p. 28), as well as the labor requirements (p. 59) or the support of the armed forces (p. 60). Among other things, it is suggested

  • to warn the population by a “wake-up effect” on the occasion of risk situations via means such as radio, TV, sirens, public address systems, text message and Internet and in the “Deutsche Bahn”;
  • to check whether the reserves of smallpox vaccines and antibiotics need to be increased;
  • to set up “decontamination sites” in front of hospitals in case of nuclear, biological and chemical attacks in order to treat the wounded outside the hospitals;
  • to have one-third of the emergency forces of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) deployable within 24 hours nationwide and simultaneously;
  • to prepare an “overall concept of emergency power” for federal and state governments so that the Federal Network Agency can decide on “shutdowns or on the privileged supply to vital institutions” in a crisis situation;
  • to store oil and gasoline at 140 locations, in order to allow “full supply” for 90 days;
  • to discuss a “food reserve” in the Federal Government, and to focus on the “autonomy and self-protection capabilities” of the population;
  • to keep ready a medicine chest, warm blankets, coal, wood, candles, flashlights, batteries, matches, charged batteries and ready cash reserves (see Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung of 21 August).

Use of ABC weapons might be possible

A war with nuclear, biological and chemical weapons is taken into account. According to the concept of the federal government, Spiegel online (21 August) states “indirectly an attack on the state territory is no longer excluded”.
A warlike conflict has loomed for some time. The Americans are provoking the Russian Federation until becoming dizzy. The Russians have violated international law in the last 25 years only once, the NATO countries in Yugoslavia, in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria. Coloured revolutions, led by NATO hand, are the standard repertoire. The migration wave of the past months are operations, too – no coincidence.
Since the situation in Ukraine was escalated by external interferences (activities of various US foundations, “unknown” snipers, as well as a coup), a military conflict with Russia is systematically being promoted directly in front of the Russian border. Efforts for peaceful solutions (Steinmeier, Hollande) have so far been made ineffective by Washington and NATO.  The German government also follows the guidelines from overseas fully committed to NATO. Thus the government has already been involved in military activities in breach of constitutional law. At the recent summit in Warsaw, NATO member states have now undertaken to “strengthen their civilian resistance against unconventional threats” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung of 21 August). The spiral of escalation is being twisted.

Years of war preparation

For  years the German mainstream media have adopted  the war policies of the “Atlantics by propaganda.” Russia and especially the Russian president are invariably labelled with negative attributes. The cheapest clichés are being used to establish and consolidate prejudice. In this way solutions through diplomatic channels searching for peace are sabotaged. It is an open secret that propaganda is a prerequisite for the mental preparation of war. And this propaganda has been increasing steadily in recent years.
Play with fire
With the aim of maintaining the “Grand Chessboard” – despite a debt that can no longer be repaid – certain circles in the USA are leading the world into a war, even if the battlefield should be in Europe for the moment. The USA itself is facing domestic challenges with difficult prospects (public debt, helicopter money, impoverishment). In addition, an unclean presidential campaign makes unthinkable things possible, too. Candidate Trump is in opposition to the “business model” of war. Accordingly, he is being demonised. Hillary Clinton represents the combination of Wall Street and the military industrial complex.

Switzerland is still within EU- and PfP- dreams

Slowly, Switzerland will wake up from its balmy EU- and PfP- dreams, ensnared by many supposed benefits. The scope of the agreements entered into carelessly will become clear with terror against the background of a possible war. Our country is closely – too closely – allied with the future war alliance.

Switzerland must refuse the military factions

Necessary political, economic and constitutional steps for the country must be carried out, otherwise there will be a rude awakening. For the policy this can only mean taking the measures necessary so that the country can maintain its neutrality in the union of states. Which political and economic agreements with other states must be made to secure our neutrality? Which precautions will have to be taken for the safety of civilians in view of armed conflicts? Which military measures will be necessary to guarantee neutrality plausibly? But Didier Burkhalter must make clear to the outside: Switzerland refuses the war faction. Switzerland will remain faithful to the concept of peace and trade.

Strengthen prudent political forces

Before the Second World War a prudent Federal Councillor Giuseppe Motta led the country out of some political commitments that could have become dangerous for the country. At that time a domestic political alliance between the wings of the parties in the National Council allowed the preparations for war.
Even today, it is important to find ways to secure the future in case of a possible armed conflict, but also to free up space for peace diplomacy and possible good services. For this purpose, not only all politicians from the various political camps are required to act, but also all civilians. Switzerland has latitude, heritage and tasks. There are enough to run after. A role model obliges.     •

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