CETA/TTIP – the 3rd phase of colonialism

CETA/TTIP – the 3rd phase of colonialism

by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer

1. From the late 17th century, mercantilism suggested that a nation could only become rich if it processed low-value raw materials and then sold them again in the form of high-quality finished products. Therefore Western European coastal countries (Holland, England) were the first to found trading companies, so as to secure the sources of raw materials in the East Indies, Africa, and South America for themselves, import these raw materials to their home countries and then export the finished products. According to mercantilism, the profits from the difference created the largest wealth.

Colonial system of mercantilism

There was, of course, competition for these sources of raw materials. Therefore already the trading companies tried – with the backing of their states – to secure the areas where such natural resources could be found as “colonies”, i.e. to effectively declare them Dutch, English, French or Spanish territories, and thus not only to secure their raw materials and their markets for themselves, but also to exclude other countries.
This colonialism provided an essential part of their national prosperity to the Dutch in the 16/17th century, to the British in the 17th to the 19th century, and also to the Spanish, Portuguese and French. But this colonial principle practically always meant exploitation of the colony for the benefit of the mother country. This exploitation was militarily supported and secured by the home country.
The Second World War brought the end of colonialism, because the colonial powers were no longer able to adequately control their colonies and restrain the colonised peoples’ desire for freedom. So the mercantilist colonial system collapsed in the last century.

The FED as a dollar bills printing machine …

2. However, at the beginning of the 20th century the Anglo-Saxon high finance had a replacement idea and established a private, government-backed Federal Reserve Bank (FED, founded in 1913): Because the looting of foreign countries can also be achieved by granting them high loans of internally generated paper money and letting them repay these with interest and compound interest in addition to the amortisation – almost like a permanent tribute. This was based on the dollar bills printing machine FED. The financial syndicate was using the FED, which they owned, to print their own private money, to make this available to the banks and governments of the world in the form of credits, and thus to bring ever more countries into debt bondage quasi by creating something out of nothing. After the dollar’s link to gold had been abandoned, this system of credit-, debt-, and interest slavery was forced on the whole world by means of financial organisations (IMF, World Bank, even the UN) dominated by this same high financial clique. Over 200 countries around the world have become interest-tributaries to the financial syndicate and the syndicate has stationed American troops in these countries in order to secure this interest slavery.

... and dollar empire

And so emerged the dollar empire, upheld by tributary vassals with ever greater debt totals and money (dollars) from creditors who no longer had any coverage for this money (fiat money).
The system has become so abused and so excessive that a large part of the debt vassals, and even the US itself, can never repay these debts. The system is about to burst, a crash is imminent – as even presidential candidate Trump recently confirmed.
The dollar empire as a second colonial empire has not only been the largest and most universal so far, but also the most profitable. The financial syndicate’s income from this dollar debt bondage system was higher than all colonial returns have ever been before. The dollar world power’s second colonial empire will soon burst like a balloon because its bubble is thus exaggerated.

Bought up world monopolies

3. As members of the financial syndicate have already announced (e.g. Soros, Rothschild), the second phase of colonialism will soon collapse. But provisions have already been made against this. With its fiat money, which has no more real value that the paper it is printed on, the Anglo-Saxon financial syndicate has during the past 50 years systematically bought up commodities and companies all the world over (especially energy, metals, water, seeds and others) and turned them into global monopolies. So, in the case of the financial empire’s collapse, the financial syndicate will be able to extort a differential rent, i.e. special profits for themselves, from all consumers by means of setting monopoly prices on the raw materials of our world. Colonial revenue will then no longer be the interest on loans, but the high prices of monopolised commodities which are needed the world over and for which there will therefore necessarily always be a market.
Yet, as shown by the nationalisation of oil wells (Iraq, Iran) or mines (Peru) originally owned by the financial syndicate, or by the rejection of the monopolised genetically modified seeds in Europe, the world monopoly power of the financial syndicate is in danger of national states’ reducing those monopolies by law, socialising them – especially if monopoly prices are driven too high – or of these monopolies suddenly losing all their value because of a sudden political about-turn, as for instance nuclear energy in times of the energy transition.

CETA/TTIP should secure monopoly

But the financial syndicate found a solution also for this: they had tame middlemen amongst the EU officials elaborate in secret negotiations the alleged “free trade agreements”, which should guarantee them the great monopoly domination in their colonies, and at the same time prevent colonies from democratically, politically or by law curtailing the once reached monopoly position of the international atlantic monopolies.
Since the collapse of the dollar empire is imminent, TTIP is now to be rushed through in the time till January 2017. The financial syndicate and the US want to remain the center of the world economy and now increasingly bank on trade agreements in order to maintain their international system of rule in their own interest.
If you look more closely which politicians are trying to enforce these CETA/TTIP negotiations in Europe, and if you know about the special dependencies of just these politicians on the US financial syndicate, you need no longer believe  in either their objectivity or in any loyalty to their own people. They are ordered to carry out the third phase of colonisation for the benefit of the Atlantic powers.     •
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