Initiative or counter draft? Considerable statements on democracy and bureaucracy

Initiative or counter draft? Considerable statements on democracy and bureaucracy

by Thomas Minder, independent Councillor of States (Canton of Schaffhausen)

As a rule, the original is better than a copy, and the original is the initiative text. If you are committed to an initiative, with a lot of effort and money, and have gathered signatures in the street, you are also in the referendum campaign more dedicated to it than to a counterproposal. I would prefer to have an initiative, behind which there is an initiative committee, which is committed with heart blood, rather than to have a counterproposal, which is advocated only half-heartedly.
But the initiative is also better in terms of content. Paragraph 2 deals with the reduction of administrative burdens, so that the farmers do not become bureaucrats [and a bigger portion of direct payments reach the farmers instead of seeping away in the administration]. I do not understand why the Economic Affairs and Taxation Committee EATC has omitted this important concern of the initiative in its counterproposal.
If you see how the initiatives are implemented in Berne, the Farmers’ Association Union as a large lobbying organization should have written five or ten paragraphs rather than just two. Whether the initiative or the counterproposal is accepted – both texts are formulated very spongy, and the parliament then makes anything out of it, we have already experienced this several times. In my initiative [initiative against rip-off salaries] I made 24 insistences, I advise all committees to proceed in this sense as well.     •
(Translation Current Concerns)

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