“Teachers in the future should be allowed to teach the way they wish”

“Teachers in the future should be allowed to teach the way they wish”

Committee for a good “Thurgauer Volksschule”

Weinfelden, 27 November 2016 – One in four of Thurgau’s eligible voters approved the initiative for a good school – despite the superiority of government, parties, administration, and associations. Obviously school policy has lost a part of the base. The rejection of the initiative must be respected. At the same time, the responsible persons are being committed to keep their promises, to respect the freedom of opinion and methods and to renounce epochal upheavals. This means that essential requirements of the initiators – also under Curriculum 21 – are maintained.
The approvals for our initiative show a great dissatisfaction with the official education policy and its reform delusion. This result is all the more remarkable as officials of all levels with great financial and human resources and a polemic anxiety campaign have tried to discredit the initiative. Many eligible voters, however, did not let themselves delude by phrases such as the return to the educational Stone Age. The discussion that was triggered by the initiative is pleasant and liberating. Completely different from their original attitude, the responsible persons in the reconciliation campaign have committed themselves to the essential demands of the initiators: teachers in the future should be allowed to teach the way they wish, class teaching and learning in the direct teacher-student relationship should retain its central importance, teachers should be free to express their opinions. Additionally – according to the clear statement of the governing council, Monika Knill – not in any way an epochal reform is to happen. The public is sensitised and it will commit the responsible to these promises.
The committee for a good “Thurgauer Volksschule” would like to thank all those who helped to discuss what a good school might be. This discussion will remain alive even beyond cantonal boundaries. Our objection to Curriculum 21 and some questionable developments in the current education and training system thus maintain a lasting positive effect.     •

“Komitee für eine gute Thurgauer Volksschule.” Felix Huwiler, Klemenz Somm, Verena Herzog. e-Mail: <link>felix.huwiler@gute-schule-tg.ch

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