Deliberate Demise of the Swiss Army

Deliberate Demise of the Swiss Army

by Prof Dr Albert A. Stahel

Until 1995, the Swiss army was a militia army, whose main mission was to defend Switzerland in the event of war. Equipment, armament, and organisation of this army were based on the concept of the military national defence dated 6 June 1966. Thanks to the 400,000 conscripts mobilised in case of active service, to the many artificial obstacles, barriers and prepared booby mines a broad defence of the country against an attacker would have been possible in the event of a war. Attacking our country, he would have been confronted with a well prepared and equipped army, he probably wouldn’t be able to overcome.
In 1995, the then Military Department was taken over by Federal Councillor Adolf Ogi. He allowed himself to be convinced by US friendly officials and regular officers, who were trained in the United States at Fort Leavenworth, that the Swiss militia army would be outdated and that it had to be replaced by action forces according to NATO standards. The newly shaped armed forces should be called army XXI following the reform project of the United States Army. To build such a fully operational NATO army the historically grown structures and relations between the army and the cantons were to be eliminated. In a kind of euphoria and dream-world «excess» material and weapons were to be liquidated, armouries and large formations resolved and the army shrunk to a target head count of 220,000 conscripts. In this euphoria Federal Councillor Ogi renamed his Department as a «Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (VBS)», which was commented by some defence attaché in Switzerland with a touch of mockery as “Volleyball, Basketball and Swimming”. By this reform project not only a sustained period of over 150 years military tradition of Switzerland was liquidated, also our country was deprived of its defence capabilities.
The army XXI could only be realized under the successor of Federal Councillor Ogi, Federal Councillor Samuel Schmid. Despite the changed international situation after September 11,2001 attacks in the United States, Federal Councillor Schmid insisted on realising the project army XXI in a kind of blind loyality to the Federal Councillor Ogi. But very soon the structural weaknesses and the serious inadequacy of the Army XXI became evident to execute the defence mission. To eliminate the most important gaps and weaknesses Federal Councillor Schmid pushed the development step 08/11 through the parliament.
The Development Step 08/11 turned out after the resignation of Federal Councillor Schmid forced by the affair of the compromised Chief of the Army as a patchwork and thus as a fiasco. Now, all hope was focusing on his successor, Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer. He gave rise to hopes, that he would eliminate the mistakes made by his predecessor and stop the dismantling of the militia. But very soon, Federal Councillor Maurer came up with a new reform project, the Development of Armed Forces (WEA). Newly not only “abundant” heavy weapons such as tanks and armoured howitzers were to squander, but the army was to be reduced to a nominal headcount of 100,000 conscripts. The main mission of defence was to be taken by less than 30,000 conscripts. That such a target can’t be achieved is even obvious to a layman. A beacon was set on Maurer’s leadership of the VBS already when people rejected the procurement of the Gripen combat aircraft in a referendum in 2014. An army without an operational air force, is useless in defending a country. Despite criticism raised by militia officers, Federal Councillor Maurer stuck undeviatingly to his “Development of the armed forces(WEA)”.
When Guy Parmelin was elected Federal Councillor and took over the VBS in 2016, again many simpletons hoped for a trend reversal and that the useless “Development of Armed Forces” project would be stopped. Far from it. Since the referendum against the WEA was prevented by sabotage by the Classe Politique, Federal Councillor Parmelin, who might have unfortunately little knowledge only of military issues, influenced by his principal adviser, the Ambassador Catrina, sticks unswervingly to the WEA. Due to this situation, it must be reckoned that very soon Switzerland will not have an operational army any more and will therefore also be no longer capable to defence itself.
These statements reflect not only the demise of the Swiss Army, but also a deliberate step in a catastrophe that will probably only happen to our descendants. The already started destabilisation of the strategic situation in Europe, the Middle East and East Asia can already now, just as the known writing on the wall of Babylon1, divines the coming calamity. Almost disbeliefing one must realize, that Federal Councillor Parmelin the fourth head of VBS in a series, put in position by the SVP (Swiss Popular Party), in order to adapt our defence to NATO standards by the help of Fourier and Ambassador Catrina, is taking this role. Verily, under Federal Councillor Ogi, homicide of the militia took place, driven by schawm sounds of those following in the Swiss Defence Department ideas coming from the United States. Under Federal Councillor Schmid, the rest of the army was coffined and by Federal Councillor Maurer and his helpers, the remainder was finally buried. Now, a kind of boddy-stripping of the remains takes place under Federal Councillor Parmelin.    •

1    Daniel 5, 26, Mene, Mene, Thekel, Upharsin.

Source: Institute for Strategic Studies from 11 December 2016

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