An independent policy towards the EU and NATO

An independent policy towards the EU and NATO

Rl. The Swiss press reported it instantaneously: The EU superiors implied that the negotiation results between Brussels and London would not mean any compromise for Berne. One would like to add that the non-EU country Switzerland should kindly comply decorously and do as commanded from Brussels. But in what shape is the EU actually?

The EU has feet of clay. The refugee crisis is far from being solved. Spring is sure to come bringing hundred of thousand new migrants. In individual states lawless zones are caused by massive immigration flows. Social costs of extraordinary proportions are to be expected. The populations are dissatisfied.

The EU on feet of clay

The economies of most EU member states are sluggish despite the unchecked financial injections from the European Central Bank, ECB.
Parallel to this, the USA incite along the neighbouring countries of Russia unrest in Ukraine and Turkey. The United States itself would be little hurt by a war. Furthermore, their staged boycott against Russia massively harms the economies of individual EU states – and competitors.
Simultaneously, Brussels EU headquarters increasingly ties itself to Washington: Brussels pushes the TTIP negotiations against the citizens’ resistance. A selling out of the economy is feared. In addition, the agreement leads to a further deprivation of rights of the citizens. Furthermore, Brussels actively promotes migration flows to the European countries. Hereby, Jean-Claude Juncker and Jan Asselblom ultimately try to impose EU internal policy against the declared opposition of many European countries. Whoever does not obey, is to be pilloried and threatened.

NATO are getting ready on the borders to Russia

At the same time the United States are activating the “defense alliance” NATO for further military interventions: NATO in Syria, North Africa, in the Aegean, in Georgia and Ukraine. NATO massively upgrades on the borders of Russia. The Norwegian NATO general secretary Jens Stoltenberg does not miss any opportunity to stir up public opinion against Russia. The situation escalates increasingly.

Swiss policy must remain independent

On the international level Swiss politics is facing great challenges. As negotiating venue, as Depositary State of the ICRC and as agent for Good Offices, Switzerland has to deploy all their experience. At the same time, Switzerland cannot neglect itself. What counts now is to stay neutral and credible, to maintain distance to the conflict parties and show independence. All this in an internationally narrow, cross-linked environment with many mutual interdependencies. Does it make sense to continue participating in the NATO-run organisation “Partnership for Peace”? Does it make sense to unquestioningly accept guidelines from the EU headquarters in Brussels? Does it make sense to literally follow the Schengen Agreement or to be dictated how one organises its domestic policy? Or is it not valid after all to lead a sovereign foreign policy again which for example shapes independently the question of immigration, defense policy or economic and financial policy? Switzerland has to maintain its independent position. Another blind alignment with foreign interests will impact Switzerland as a neutral mediator in unforeseen ways, but will also impact directly our country and our citizens.     •
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