Switzerland has virtually become a NATO member

Switzerland has virtually become a NATO member

by Gotthard Frick

Several times in the past the author has provided information on the fact that the Federal Council and the army leadership are leading Switzerland into NATO by the back door.
As late as on the day of the beginning on 16 February 2016 – so that any opposition, what so ever, could not be formed – the Federal Council communicated that a NATO Conference was going to be held on 16 and 17 February 2016 in Zurich, at the invitation of Switzerland. Such stealthy procedure fits to this policy that is aimed at cheating the Swiss people. One hundred officers from the NATO command structure and 28 member states and all member states of the Partnership for Peace (PfP), including Switzerland, as well as the 25 member states of the NATO Interoperability Platform – including also Switzerland – participated.
They were to discuss the need for military cooperation as well as the current challenges on the basis of the changed security environment and if necessary adjust it.
Read below once more an overview of what this means specifically:

  • The Partnership for Peace – a clever neologism of “Spin doctors”, i. e. communication specialists – (and other NATO partnerships) is seen in China’s party press as an “Instrument of the United States to enforce their strategic interests”. This means that China as well as Russia probably no longer regard Switzerland as a neutral country.
  • The Interoperability Platform is an organization of the 25 participating states, including Switzerland for the exercise of the joint combat. Even if that still means no formal accession to NATO, the non-western powers see such actions as a last step to join immediately in case of emergency.
  • Switzerland has already sent at various oportunities – at first still few – troops to maneuvers of NATO members (for example in Germany). Probably to get the public opinion used to this military cooperation in small steps. Since there were no NATO maneuvers, but only military exercises with NATO members, Federal Council and army leaders said that such operations were not affecting Switzerland’s neutrality.
  • The army has adjusted their Führungs- und Stabsorganisation (FSO) (Management and staff organisation) to those of NATO.
  • NATO compatible weapons and devices are procured, where ever possible. Switzerland has as well aligned its ranks to those of NATO. So, the word “Colonel” before their ranks was removed. Colonel Divisional Commander became Major General. On the lower level, we have taken over following new ranks for the very small army in addition to the previous: Private first class, Head sergeant, First sergeant, Warrant officer class. It is obvious that the cooperation will be facilitated with largely identical weapons and levels of service.
  • NATO commanders are frequently visiting Switzerland to inform themselves about our planned military measures and in turn to inform Switzerland of their steps.

With only two mechanized brigades as actual combat troops, Switzerland’s military units aren’t primarily suitable for the needs of the fight in our highly structured and built-up terrain, but are immediately subordinated to NATO in case of war and can be used in the large, flat or slightly hilly areas outside of Switzerland.
It cannot be repeated too often and loud enough: a neutral, well-defended Switzerland in the midst of Europe, with the most efficient and central Alpine tunnels for rail and road transport and even with the shortest air connection road from Southern to Western or Central and Northern Europe in Western Europe would be a great disadvantage for the United States/NATO . That is why in many places, in the member states of NATO and in Switzerland, work is done, in an obscured but shrewd manner, for a speedy NATO access of our country, this work not being noticed by our people or the media.
The reduction of the army to yet a third since the end of the twentieth century, the halfing of this third in the context of reforms of WEA Weiterentwicklung Armee (Development of the army) is probably the intention of some influential heads in the Federal Council and the army leadership to be able to rapidly implement and justify accession to NATO in case of emergency. The preparations for this have been going on for years. But since our people remains committed to a strong, independent national defense and neutrality, all must be very cleverly hidden and otherwise justified.
If one imagines a greater crisis situation in Europe, still below the threshold of war, but more in a case of conflict, both the United States and NATO will use our airspace for their own purposes, possibly also the North South Alps transversal and the East-West railway lines and highways, the major airports and will take over the three remaining military air bases. Our smashed army is no longer capable of preventing that. Thus, we have violated our primary duty of neutrality. So an opponent to the United States/NATO can become quite legally militarily active in our country as well by pointing to this incapability.
The Federal Council then has an excuse – probably already prepared – and can inform the Swiss people that our country cannot defend itself alone, call for emergency legislation, and – as we had no other alternative – join NATO.
In that case the Federal Council can immediately place the two mechanised brigades under NATO command as our contribution. Thanks to the previous preparations, the latter can be done very quickly.
This means that we will be in all likelihood in a possible next war as member or partner of NATO. Must we prepare a revolution to enforce the will of the people, or how should we address the flagrant violation of the Constitution by the Federal Council and the Parliament? This question must urgently be answered.     •
(Translationt Current Concerns)

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