Letter to the editor

A swathe between China and Europe

On 29 March 2016, by using two thoroughly analysing contributions, Current Concerns appeals to the reader. It was possible, with regards to these contributions, to bring some order, due to preconceived perspectives, into the Syrian War. When looking at the entire situation of the world, a further contribution from the perspective of a Chinese commentator should now follow. China is one of the players on the world stage which one may not dispose of with ridiculous ecological arguments nor with the label of lacking to comply with human rights. Current Concerns has already portrayed the developed partnership like cooperation between Russia and China. China helps the African developing countries with the construction of infrastructure projects. China trades with Europe on the basis of a balanced cooperation. China was (therefore?) one of the main reasons for the war with Syria: it was necessary to cut a swathe between China and Europe. It was not allowed, in the eyes of the war mongers, that China gets its footing at the world level more than before. However, times are changing. Whoever does not correctly cooperate with China, at all levels, has not seen the sign of the times – even a war against China, in the Pacific, for example, would lead the blind participants into doom. Today they still have the choice.

Dr phil. Barbara Hug

(Translation Current Concerns)

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