Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

The citizen’s right

After the outcome of the referendum in the Netherlands against the EU Association Agreement with the Ukraine, various politicians and the media wanted to deprive the citizens of the right to vote on such issues in future.
To deprive citizens of their maturity because they act politically incorrect or vote the “wrong” way, is a kind of behaviour “dominating the others” and violating the principle of equality of human beings and their dignity. For everyone is gifted with practical reason, can get information himself, come to insights and eventually also judge. Citizens are the sovereign, they are not only the source of state power, and they hold it. This answers the dignity of man, in this case of the Dutch, as a given natural right of self-determination. The Dutch and the other nations of Europe do not need journalists or politicians like Jean Asselborn who act up as instructive masterminds and who never react subject-related to the many citizens’ concerns towards the EU-policy and simply find them wrong instead. Consequently, still a lot of “explanatory work” would be necessary. Objections of the citizens are readily quashed by stereotypes such as right-wing populism, Euro-scepticism, or even enemies. Stereotypes are a linguistic tool of propaganda and lack any objectivity.
We do not have to put up with that as citizens of the different nations of Europe!
Incidentally, the popular revolt in Kiev did not serve “to free themselves from Russian encirclement” (so the “Oberbergische Volkszeitung” from 4 August 2016), but was initiated by the West with the geopolitical aim to enforce an annexation of the Ukraine to Europe by a violent coup. Thus, the voting behaviour of the Dutch is only understandable and logical concerning the EU Association Agreement.

Werner Voss, D-Wiehl

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