Now there is only one way open: To break away from the Anglo-Saxon Power Elites

Now there is only one way open: To break away from the Anglo-Saxon Power Elites

by Willi Wimmer

Chronological it would come right. One hundred years after the historical decapitation strike against Germany in Versailles by England, the United States and France, England wants the European certificate of discharge. In 1919 the victorious powers of World War I had planted the seed for the next great war with the diktat of Versailles. 2019 leads us to the European abysses again.
Is the concern in London such virulent that the German fate of the year 1919 could hit London, so to speak as revenge – from whomsoever – now from the rest-EU? A noteworthy British commentary in a ZDF1 news program of 29 March 2017, the day of the handing over of the divorce letter from London to Brussels could not be judged otherwise. A distinguished dialogue partner from Britain whom everyone would have  bought into  the «professor» even without an appropriate hint, spoke out about the Brexit.

Versailles was the trauma, no more, no less

To understand the current reference to Versailles today the historical Versailles has to be carefully examined.
Informed and internationally highly esteemed dialogue partners today express themselves in intimate rounds of talk in so far that the European history of the last 200 years is a sole Anglo-Saxon lie. One does not have to go so far, but American sources speak openly about the US-American attitude towards the continent and how it was all over the decades since the foundation of the German Reich 1871 in the Hall of Mirrors in the very same palace of Versailles. Under all circumstances a closer collaboration between the continental powers and Germany should be prevented.
Therewith Washington affiliated seamless to the British attitude towards the continent which after Napoleon’s defeat did its utmost to for its own interests to thwart the “Holy Alliance” of the Russian Tsar and the Austrian chancellor which should resolve the conflicts on the newly devastated continent peacefully.
Consequently the US and Great Britain turned to the traditional Roman method of “divide and conquer!”.
It was a historian of the Commonwealth who opened the new way to assess the events which lead to the outbreak of World War I. In the works of Christopher Clark and then of others there was no more talk of ‘Germany’s sole responsibility’ – with good reason. Even if he purposefully and bashfully downplayed the British responsibility for the outbreak of the First World War.
Those who on British side orchestrated all efforts to get rid of the upcoming Germany are today in the historical spotlight like the Messrs Milner and Rhodes2 whose responsibility concerning the initial spark of this “European seminal catastrophe is undeniable.
No decision of the Central Powers of this time – Germany and Austro-Hungary, later as well the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria – should be relativised or put aside. Indeed, todays view on the overall development makes one thing clear and precise: the responsibility for World War I has to be looked for on the shoulders which did likewise carry them; and here the political London has to be mentioned in the first place.
Sykes-Picot and the resultant American entry into World War I not only contributed to a decisive weakening of the war machine of the Central Powers during the war. Beyond any responsibility for the outbreak of the war they also laid the basis for a cause to push the “European model state” Germany into hell and Austria likewise. It should not be forgotten that by murdering the successor to the throne in Sarajevo the most hopeful, democratic, social and European thinking leadership personality had been eliminated. These are called “decapitation strikes” for nations, a model which since was and still is again and again exerted successfully by the Anglo-Saxon world on the continent and beyond.
Currently it takes one’s breath away when in these days at a meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik (German Council on Foreign Relations, DGAP), 3 April 2017 in Berlin interspersed with Anglo-Saxon solicitor’s offices and so called “non-governmental organisations” German politicians attest the Allied Forces to have been always on the right side in the last century. Apart from that one could thank them a lot therefore.
This curious praise disregards that since Napoleon war it is the Anglo-Saxon business model for the rest of the world and that we see in these days how also a new American president defines the Anglo-Saxon role: They were the extraordinary nations whose God-given right consists of subdueing the world, even if they are confronted with Russia, China, India, Brazil and Iran, after Germany could be led to its fate which can appropriately be described with the names “Versailles” and Adolf Hitler.
Those are not only the living deads of the past. Before we have been drummed into the next and then perhaps final war, from the role we have been put in, in Germany forces headed off to maintain the world view created by the Entente Powers – at any price.
They call themselves “Antifa” and they do everything to maintain the artificial world view created by the Anglo-Saxons against Germany. They need the «enemy stereotype» for the sake of their own existence and so are optimally on NATO course.

Nato tops the consequences of the Nuremberg war crimes trials: war in our time

British Prime Minister Theresa May linked the Brexit negotiations with European security issues. This link is based on only one question: On the still existing British military presence on German territories. Without prejudice to all processes since 1945, today, this presence refers just to one criterion in the logical context: the membership of the United Kingdom in the European Union. If now London decided to leave the EU there is no more reason for the presence of British troops in our country. Current British efforts to reactivate old pictures from the time of occupation cannot blind us to this fact. There were efforts following the American model to add the British military component from the port of Emden to the Nato deployment against Russia. “NATO tanks must roll for victory” there is no other way to interpret this picture, not even for the Americans, who have aimed since long time to bring back war images to Europe.
However, it is not obvious what concerns people mostly not only in Germany. US behavior since the criminal war against Yugoslavia puts the consequences of The Nuremberg war crimes trials to shame. Anyone who doubts this should just be recommended to have a look at the executive authorities of the respective American President with regard to a US wanted outbreak of war.
Then you just have to add 1939 to get an idea of hubris and disaster. Like everyone knows since the illustrious EU representative in the Middle East, Mr. Tony Blair, London plays a key role in implementing the American global war plans. Here, everything is rubber-stamped.
Up to now, Germany has been able to duck with regard to one or another question of war. However, what is now intended against Russia concerns our existence, and there it does not help to duck and participate. It’s a matter of fighting for existence (emphasis added by editors), and for this reason alone the Brexit word of Mrs May should be taken for it. “Exiting Europe” means: Immediate withdrawal of British troops from Germany. Once again, Washington and London drive Europe and the world to the abyss. We do not have to run in.

The German doom: to have listened to London too often and too long

Just before the French presidential elections, no one can say whether it will remain with the Brexit or for all sorts of reasons the familiar EU-Europe has already flown around our ears before every negotiation about Brexit.
Besides us, only the Russians can assess the damage of being hit by an American economic nuclear weapon. What the Harvard economist G. Sachs did with the remnants of the former Soviet economy after the fall of the Soviet Union can barely be compared with the effects of the Lehman-bancruptcy for EU-Europe in 2008, irrespective of the following participation, for example, by the Federal Government at the break-up of European predetermined breaking points. Berlin does not act in Europe like Bonn.
No European state has given to Berlin or Brussels the mandate to dissolve these states and to surrender the sovereignty of the European Peoples to the “globalised order” determined by the financial center London or by Wallstreet. The citizens are stripped of and deprived of their rights by this EU-Europe and handed over to the Soros of this world. This may serve the City of London, but not the Sovereign in Europe. And therefore remind London of Versailles in the manner of the “professor” cited at the outset? Only someone can think like that for whom Versailles belongs to his political tool box. This will also be known in Moscow, Beijing, Tehran and – most recently – in Damascus and not only there.

1    Prof Anthony Glees in an interview with ZDF heute-journal of 29.3.2017
2    The British politicians Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Lord Milner were leading representatives of the British Imperialism before World WarI.

(Translation Current Concerns)

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