Why e-voting?

Why e-voting?

Pressure through the Swiss Federal Council and the Cantonal governments

Once again, the Federal Assembly lets it be known that it wants to establish electronic voting and elections across the board. Critics have been warning about possible manipulation through e-voting.

rt. A core element in a democracy are the elections and the ballots. We, in Switzerland, are given the possiblity, at least four times a year, to make decisions on different pertinant issues or to decide upon elections. As such, we decide sovereignly, the essential fate of our country.
In the cantons or throughout the country, ballots are executed in the form of paper. In an exactly defined procedure, the voters are sent voting documents and have the possibility, per letter or at the voting box to place in their vote.
If an election is too close, the ballots are recounted. In the rare cases of inconsistency or irregularities, the forms are investigated. In the worst case, an election must be repeated.
Of course it would be practical, if such an election were quicker and easier to count. And it is clear that in increasingly prevelant usage of electronic machines as an option are brought into the discussion. One speaks of E-voting.
Since it is publically known, that even out of the strictly secure US American Pentagon, information has been purloined and manipulated, no reasonable person would risk suggesting E-Voting for a serious Election result. Many European countries have therefore forbidden E-Voting – as such the confederation, after several failed attempts in different Cantons, pronounced its prohibition.
Now, one can naturally ask himself, why the Federal Assembly at all would constantly speak about E-voting and would like to make electrical ballots a standard process. That‘s the way it is again on 6 April. The media broadcasted the position of the Swiss Federal Chancellor, Walter Turnherr, from the Swiss Parliament. It‘s time to take the next step (“Neue Zürcher Zeitung” from 6 April) or, E-voting is a signal to accomodate political rights in the 21st century. (“Thurgauer Zeitung” from 6 April) .
One asks himself why the constant restraints? We may quietly wait, until the IT specialists of the Pentagon or of the famous insurance companies and banks have protected their data enough to be safe from hackers. Then we can see. And until then, we can save a lot of money on unnecessary trials and even more time on unnecessary political debates. The IT branch would have to be patient. And then, it may, once we agree, install electrical ballot boxes with our tax money.
The secrecy of the vote is not negotiable in our direct democracy!    •

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