Lawsuit against NATO for uranium weapon use in Yugoslavia 1999

Lawsuit against NATO for uranium weapon use in Yugoslavia 1999

bha. From Serbia comes the news1 that a legal process is intended against the NATO. A team consisting of 26 lawyers and professors from Serbia, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, China, England and Turkey will accuse the NATO of having dropped bombs with depleted uranium on Yugoslavia during the war in 1999. The long-term effects is a cancer epidemic that takes on even greater dimensions. Particularly affected is the south of Serbia and Kosovo. According to the Serbian Ministry of Health, one child falls ill with cancer every day. This was the impelling motive behind the initiative. The President of the Serbian Royal Academy of Scientists and Artists, Stevo Nogo, said the accusation is directed to the national courts of the NATO member states, one of the claims will be for the support for medical treatment of cancer patients. Nogo says that they know which airplanes had bombed certain areas of Serbia. A French plane had dropped the bombs into the Lake Pali, near the town of Subotica in the north. The Serbian lawyer Srdjan Aleksic from Niš, South Serbia  leads the legal team. 10/15 tons of depleted uranium had been used by the NATO, he said, this had implicated a huge environmental disaster. The press agency of the NATO is aware of the Serbian activity, but made no comment.     •

1    see ‘Up to 15 tons of depleted uranium used 1999 Serbia bombing – lead lawyer in suit against Nato’, in: <link http: news>  from 13.6.2017 and also “Serbian Royal Academy to Sue Nato over Bombing”, in: <link http: en article serbian-royal-academy-to-file-charges-against-nato-05-11-2017>  from 12.5.2017

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