From 9/11, 2001 to Donald Trump

From 9/11, 2001 to Donald Trump

How America was lost – on what we can look out for

me. The Western NATO media, who want to speak for the so-called “international community” (and represent only 8% of the world’s population), have been reporting 90–95% negatively about Donald Trump for weeks, as serious evaluations show. Everything is ridiculed, from the handshake of his wife to his son’s haircut. The mistreatment is such that you feel reminded to the drama “An Enemy of the People” by the Norwegian Hendrik Ibsen. You may speak of a delegitimisation or even decomposition campaign against a properly elected head of state. It is a historic novelty and goes far beyond of what the European Union has done with the sanctions against Austria following the election of Jörg Haider in 2000.
The forces behind the campaign against the American President are solid. You feel financial conglomerates, hedge funds, their spokesmen and political delegates belonging to the Clinton-Soros-Obama-Merkel environment. It’s not about bad losers. It’s about subjacent and fundamental issues.
Since the election campaign, Trump’s concept means: Away from the destructive hedge funds-globalisation, the obscene enrichment of a few, the concept of endless wars and the dissolution of national borders and identities of states, peoples and societies. Against this, groups around and behind him apparently count on prosperity through trade and on cooperation with banks which serve the economy. Boundaries of all kinds, even the sovereignty of states, should be observed again.
Whether the President of the United States will succeed has not been decided yet. He needs time to get his administration under control. Still he relies on family members and confidants. Still there is a ruling class beside him. Difficult situation. The power struggle in the Anglo-American establishment is going on; as well as in the authorities and in the military apparatus with its US regional commands which are responsible for all parts of the world. Their commanders are comparable to Roman proconsuls and not easy to lead. Also, the “military-industrial complex” doesn’t give up quickly. Also, the “allies” must be observed carefully. Elites of the United Kingdom (UK) see own assets under threat and play an own geopolitical game, for example related to Qatar. Donald Trump didn’t free himself of the previous administration, and the United States aren’t set up as a European State, but more feudalistic. Whoever transfers our relations to this country will fail. In short, the situation is confused and unstable, but the direction from which the attacks come from, is clear. The new President is on his statements for forces that want to get away from the system of the “perpetual war” for the sole superpower which was proclaimed since 2001. They think a continuation of the Bush-Clinton-Obama course is too dangerous. Rightly.
The two books by Thierry Meyssan and Paul Craig Roberts, which are introduced here on the basis of the respective introductary chapters illustrate how this system has worked and partly still works.
May the concerns of the authors be heard that the principles of international law come back to more respect for the benefit of all people. May, on the way, the cold-bloodedness, relevancy, survey, and determinedness of the parties prevent a great war.
Even in these fraudulent times, Switzerland as a non-NATO member and with humanitarian tradition and perpetual armed neutrality (which according to the most recent study of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, 90% of all respondents want to hold) will remain a model of peace. Switzerland can regenerate, stand on one’s own feet. Irrespective of this, Switzerland with its “good services” is open as a platform to those who seek honest and equivalent solutions. To everyone.    •

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