Emigration and migration of the young are no inexorable fate

Emigration and migration of the young are no inexorable fate

by Philippe Randin, Nouvelle Planète, Lausanne

“By the year 2030, 440 million young people in Africa will reach the working age in Africa, which corresponds to the total population of both the USA and Mexico”. This has recently been stated in the magazine “Jeune Afrique” and was followed by the conclusion: “The standard response to the challenge [of emigration and migration] is the industrialization of the continent. Yet, it seems increasingly urgent to take the real situation in this world region into account. Despite rapid urbanization, the African continent has remained largely rural. The majority of the active population continues to work in agriculture and in the informal sector. 60% of the young people looking for work live in villages. Consequently, the development of agriculture and agricultural diversification is of major importance.”

Focussing on the lost regions

Rural areas are often neglected nowadays. Nouvelle Planète concentrates its actions on remote areas, which are often overlooked by government agencies and NGOs. Investing in income-enhancing activities can give young people hope, and encourage them to commit themselves in their communities. The development of basic services in education and health care contributes to improving the living conditions in the villages. The project presented here stands for all our undertakings, by which we want to help people develop their own capacities to become more independent. Time is pressing: The inhabitants of the rural regions, especially the young people, would rather stay in their own community if they were given the opportunity.

Offering an alternative to migration

Measures in rural areas contribute to preventing humanitarian catastrophes. Both emigration from the rural areas and migration of the youth are not inevitable. We appeal to you to help them sow the seeds that will allow them to lead a decent life, so that they are not forced to move away.

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Nouvelle Planète promotes the exchange between communities, groups, professional associations and school classes from Switzerland and from the countries of the South. The organisation offers consulting, provides expertise, networking, and supports projects in Switzerland and/or in the South, organises assignments and trips for young people, adults, senior citizens, existing groups, schools, families or companies: Share your experience with people of the countries of the South by participating in a development project!
In the South Nouvelle Planète supports small, efficient and sustainable projects of dynamic local groups:
-    Africa: Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Uganda, Madagascar, Guinea
-    Asia: India, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam
-    America: Peruvian Amazon region, Haiti
•    The projects mainly comprise the following four areas: support of children and adolescents; women’s promotion and rural development; protection of the environment; support of the disabled and sick people.
•    The projects supported show the following characteristics: They aim at meeting the basic needs of the disadvantaged population in poor regions. Special attention is given to the promotion of women and ethnic minorities. Futhermore, they have a positive impact on the environment.
•    The projects are being submitted to local partners with whom we cooperate. Nouvelle Planète does not replace their activities. A project thus ultimately belongs to the beneficiary. The local population is involved in the implementation of the project with its own resources, be it in the form of funding, material and/or labour.
•    The projects are to become independent quickly, so that Nouvelle Planète can easily withdraw. Nouvelle Planète does not support the operating costs of institutions.                     •

Source: <link http: www.nouvelle-planete.ch>www.nouvelle-planete.ch

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