Anja Tuw from Gorlovka tells about the Donbass and her own life

Anja Tuw from Gorlovka tells about the Donbass and her own life

by Brigitte Queck

Anja Tuw, 33 years old, is one of many thousands of victims of the shelling of the Donbass through Ukrainian troops by interacting with the US/NATO under orders of the current Ukrainian government Poroshenko. On her way to the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, Anja Tuw came to Berlin for a few days. On 13 July she reported at a meeting organized by a Berlin newspaper.

During the bombardement of her hometown Gorlovka, which has been continuing until today, she lost her husband, her daughter and her house, where she had lived with her family for many years, like many other people in her city. In the past she was completely apolitical as she said, but now being on the mission of the people of her hometown, as well as the inhabitants of Donetsk, being on her journey through Europe she makes people aware of what the people are doing there to oppose the Poroshenko government. As Anja Tuw says, this government was not really voted by anybody and is supported only by US/NATO, while the Ukrainian soldiers commit crimes against their own people.
Like the Crimea, the inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk have not submitted themselves to the West-funded regime change in Ukraine. Thereupon the bombardment of the Eastern Ukrains took place on the orders of Poroshenko, the current Ukrainian president.
This was a terrible event for all the inhabitants of her city, as Anja described.
Before the shooting of the city – it was before the school holidays in 2015 – Anja had promised her 11-year-old daughter to take part in a summer camp, if she brought home good marks. But this did not happen any more.
The family – her husband, her daughter, her little son – were sitting in the garden when the shelling began. Together with the daughter her husband hurried into the house to hide there. Anja was thrown outside at the door by the pressure wave of a grenade that hit the roof of her house. Anja straightened up only slowly, came into the house finally, where she hid together with her son from the further bombardment behind the refrigerator of her house.
Another grenade, which also hit her house, tore her hand, and she nearly lost consciousness. But the concern for her husband and her daughter kept her up. With one hand she dug for her loved ones and shouted loudly for help.
At last a neighbor and a nurse came, who bandaged her poorly. Only the body of her husband, being torn in two, and the one of her 11-year-old daughter that were pulled out of the cellar, remained in her memory until she finally lost consciousness!
All the infrastructure of Gorlovka were systematically destroyed: residential buildings, hospitals, schools, kindergardens.
Since there were severely injured victims who were hardly or not recognizable after the bombardment of mortars and drones, the children had the duty to carry their identification data on their clothes and had a directive how to behave in the case of a bombardment as they attended school or kindergarden at times in spite of bombardment.
Gorlovka, as well as hundreds of villages and cities of the Eastern Ukraine, were bombarded and bombed for many months. The families had to live in the cellars of their houses almost all the time. In winter many children fell ill with pneumonia.
Anja gave birth to her third child at this time!
After the Minsk Agreement had been signed in 2015, also the people of Gorlovka had hope that soon the war would be over and they would be able to lead a normal life, again. But the hope was destroyed. The shelling of Gorlovka is continuing from five sides.
At first Anja and her two children were brought to the Donbass and from there to Italy on the invitation of a friend, where she and her children could recover for a few months.
The Italian organisation “Save the Children of Donbass!” collected money, and Anja got a mobile hand prosthesis with which she can embrace her children, again.
Finally, a former volunteer of the People’s Army of the Donbass, who now deals with the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Donbass from Moscow, took her to his Moscow apartment, where Anja has lived since together with her two children and her mother.
Anja, who had never been political before, is outraged by a Ukrainian president who wants to exterminate his own people, the people of the Donetsk, as he himself and his subordinate ministers demand. But the Donetsk population in particular, especially as miners there, have contributed to the economic upturn in Ukraine.
Anja Tuw, has herself set the goal, strengthened by many of the inhabitants of Gorlovka, not only  to bring her own fate to the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights, but also to inform people on her permanent journeys through Europe, that there are no terrorists living in the Donetsk, as the governments of the US/NATO countries or their newspapers, TV channels want to make believe, but normal people like you and me. She also carries a book in her luggage with cautionary drawings by the children of Gorlovka who, like other children in the world, whose most ardent wish is for peace.     •
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