«We are actually just a blink of an eye away from a war»

«We are actually just a blink of an eye away from a war»

US Congress issued a new notorious «Bill» on sanctions against Russia. Where will this lead us?

Interview by Prof. Dr. Alexander Sosnowski, editor-in-chief of World economy, with Willy Wimmer, Under Secretary of State ret.

Willy Wimmer: Between us and a future war there are actually just two things. For one, it’s Trump, still. And the second is that we now actually have to get out of the sanctions altogether.

World economy: How could such a phase out of the sanctions look like?

By rescinding the sanctions of the European Union and not issuing any new ones.

Isn’t it you impression, that these sanctions, the Congress is now going to pass, are primarily directed against Trump?

Yes, they are directed against Trump, but they have a rather broad effect. They are directed against Trump to wall him in, they are directed against the Europeans to treat them like a colony, and they are directed against Russia to achieve goals that have already been pursued for long.

Could the federal election in Germany in September change the situation in Europe?

I believe that we do not have that much time, and not everything depends on the federal election. If in the United States the bill passes the congress and will become operative, then the question of war and peace is just in front of the door and must be answered.

Yesterday there was a phone conference of the Normandy-Quartet.1 From the press it became evident that it was again without result. The Ukraine plays a key role in this whole story of sanctions. Is it possible to solve this somehow? Where does the Ukraine crisis lead us to?

We have to have a crucial interest in being completely independent of internal Ukrainian developments and to make our own decisions. We have the impression that any good efforts made by France, Germany or even by the Russian Federation will be undermined from Ukraine for any reason we do not know. And we cannot let ourselves be dragged into this downward spiral. I can only add that I very much welcome the fact that the Russian Federation succeeds in regaining the autonomy of the power supply on the Crimean peninsula and a functioning grid. It is unacceptable that the entire population of the Crimea becomes a hostage to an Ukrainian embargo policy, as far as electricity and water supply are concerned.

Mr Wimmer, thank you for this interview.

Source: <link http: www.world-economy.eu details article willy-wimmerwir-sind-eigentlich-nur-einen-wimpernschlag-von-einem-krieg-entfernt>www.world-economy.eu/details/article/willy-wimmerwir-sind-eigentlich-nur-einen-wimpernschlag-von-einem-krieg-entfernt/  from 26.7.2017

1     Normandy Quartet: Semi-official Contact group on the level of government and secretary of foreign relation between Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine on issues of the Ukraine conflict since June 2014.

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