Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

What is the current energy-blackout-exercise about?

Since the electrification of Switzerland, our ancestors have been able to manage the security of supply to the general satisfaction, and the consumers were willing to pay the price. Therefore, the current blackout exercise needs urgent attention. The energy transition, initiated with a political compromise regime, is still a dangerous blind flight with regard to security of supply. For the use of solar energy, we are much too far away from the equator. The surplus revenue in the summer cannot yet be saved economically. This leads to shortages in winter. There is still no responsible, non-political control centre for the future electricity supply. Our fully digitised world is urgently dependent on a competently organised security of supply and must be ready to bear the necessary costs. Also our former independence needs to be restored urgently. With the seductive advantage of using subsidised energy from the EU, we risk with the domino effect, one day to import the blackout. This can cause huge costs!

Peter Baumgartner, Langenthal

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