Economic war against Europe

Economic war against Europe

by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer

Trump’s slogan “America first” is to be applied not only militarily, but also economically. After all, although the US is predominant in areas reaching from the film business to data processing, to seed monopolies on the basis of genetic engineering and the world leadership of the American weapon industry, this is no longer sufficient to finance the import demand for European machines, chemicals, luxury cars as well as bulk goods for the daily needs, the production of which has moved to Asia. With its turnover deficit of $ 600 billion per year, the US would have defaulted long ago, had they not had the option of unrestrainedly printing dollars to pay the world, as theirs is the anchor currency. Instead, an annually growing, towering debt of over $ 20 trillion has been accumulated, and the financial collapse is only postponed by means of the FED’s artificially created zero interest rates.
So the US must either save or withdraw its military from the world (600 billion dollars a year), or export more and import less. For the latter strategy, they have now chosen Europe.
Exports to the US are being systematically restricted:

  • The fight against the diesel engine is not only in aid of protecting the American industry, but also of preventing the use of European diesel vehicles. The arbitrary emission standards are a general attack on European diesel passenger cars, not only in the US, but also in Europe, while the polluter-lorries remain completely unmolested.
  • Steel imports from Europe are to be prevented by tariffs.
  • TTIP was to safeguard American law and the legal position of American globalists even against European standards of protection and against the European Parliament.
  • The American judicial authorities systematically pursue European firms, in order to harm them by way of penalties (more than $ 20 billion by now).
  • The American courts hold the view that all US dollar-denominated transactions the world over are automatically subject to American justice, that is, they can also be sanctioned.
  • The American Senate and the government impose sanctions, threats and penalties wherever in the world European companies threaten American competition. Because of the penalties backed by the Europeans, for example, Europe’s foreign trade with Russia has been halved, while that of the United States has doubled.

In addition, governmental and legal instruments of power are used to achieve American supremacy in the economic sectors.

  • In the struggle for the global gas market, the US is currently trying to exclude Europe from the cheap Russian gas supply by threatening sanctions against all companies involved in the North Stream pipeline through the Baltic Sea.
  • In Syria, they are seeking to establish a deserted intermediate zone to achieve the passage of Qatar gas into the Mediterranean – a key background to the Syrian war.
  • And with price manipulations on the oil market the US are trying to blow up the OPEC, so as to regain their own oil domination.
  • With their world monopolies of the data networks, they have at all times access to the data points and cloud centers remaining in the US, while at the same time spying on the European economy in favour of their own economies, without the European governments, in particular that of Germany, daring to object to this total economic espionage.
  • American corporations have also called for an economic war against Russia in order to prevent and punish any economic cooperation between Europe and Russia, which could be dangerous for them. (Nato-Doctrine: “Keep the Americans in, the Russians out and the Germans down!”)

So the US is leading an economic war against the European economy, especially the one exporting to the US, and against any economic link between Europe and Russia, in order to maintain its economic dominance over Europe. It combats the euro and all European attempts at austerity, as well as the aspirations in Europe to impede total espionage by the US and the US digital dominance over Europe, and it also fights in order to sanction the competitive edge of European companies against US competition throughout the world.
Inside the United States, the financial interests, the electoral groups, the military complex assist the US economic imperialists, and outside the US, its helpers are the EU public authorities, Merkel and other politicians who hate Russia, the German parties because they do not oppose US total espionage and do not even stop US organisations (Soros Foundation and others).
Thus, while Germany is still cheering over growing export surpluses, the foundations of these export surpluses have long been eroded by our “friends”. If our world-leading automotive industry loses its reputation, if our technical inventions continue to reach the US faster than we can fully develop them, if the US gas industry displaces the cheaper Russian gas in Europe and the US financial industry encourages the indebtedness of the Mediterranean countries without restraint and pursues the collapse of the euro, of that same euro which is unfortunately guaranteed by Germany, then more and more lights will go out in Europe and Germany, and prosperity resulting from international business will decline in Europe.
In addition, Soros and Merkel have arranged the mass immigration of hundreds of thousands of additional social security claimants each year, who place an additional strain on the German social systems and leave less and less to the benefit providers.
In Germany, already two thirds of the population live on transfers. In 10 years the ratio will be three to one, possibly even worse.
The delight church trade unions and social institutions take in the mass migration of social security claimants will soon give way to consternation, when our export surpluses melt away, the number of our service providers decreases, and the flood of foreign social benefit recipients continues to swell.
Our generation has enjoyed the highest prosperity that ever existed in Germany. We have allowed the US administration to combat this prosperity and well-meaning but destructive social and population policies to destroy it. The next generation will berate us as much as we have berated our parents for not wanting or being able to prevent Hitler and the destruction he wreaked.    •
(Translation Current Concerns)

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