Hands off Venezuela

Hands off Venezuela

On 6 August the Garrison Fuerte Paracamay of the Bolivarian Army was attacked. It is located in the city of Valencia in northern Venezuela. The attackers labelled themselves as “military-civilian” group; they were classified as a “paramilitary terrorist group” by the Maduro government. The event gives some indication of the virulent danger that various parts of the opposition in the South American country are guided to undertake a coup. One should remember, that already at the end of June in Caracas a deserter of the police stole a helicopter and attacked with this aircraft a building hosting the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Interior with grenades and gunfire, fortunately without victims. The action of 6 August in Valencia, on the other hand, resulted in two attackers killed and eight detainees, as well as in an indeterminate number of attackers who managed to escape.

After the upsetting previous days in which the government organised the election of a constituent assembly, brought dissident leader Leopoldo López back to prison and subsequently unseated the General prosecutor Luisa Ortega, now a new and dangerous way seems to come up which should decide the confrontation between the MUD (Mesa de Unidad Democrática, Alliance of opposition parties) and the Bolivarian Government: attempts are included to divide the armed forces that have hitherto been loyal to Maduro, and to cause a part of them to start a coup. However, the desire to bring the political crisis in Venezuela in such a direction could lead to a civil war and even to a destabilisation of the region in an unpredictable dimension.

It must be pointed out that the ongoing meddling of Washington and its allies and the efforts to bash the Government of Caracas and to take sides for the opposition groups are far from being a peaceful solution to the sharp polarisation that Venezuela is experiencing. They promote a violent and undesirable future in which the Venezuelan people would be subjected to infinitely greater suffering than what they are facing today.

It must also be allowed to remind at this point that – with all differences - in Iraq, in Libya, and partly in Syria, because of the American obsession to destroy governments which are considered hostile, a power vacuum and «no-man’s-land» are caused, in which barbarism, chaos and terrorism quickly spreads. The destabilization of Venezuela from abroad could lead to a similar scenario in Latin America. The question is inevitably whether this is the goal of the governments – in the first place of Mexico – which accompanies the White House in its project to isolate the Bolivarian Government, to deny its legitimacy and to destroy it.

It is therefore to be demanded that the foreign State actors take their hands off the plagued South American country, abandon the wrong way of meddling and to stick to the non-interference principle. Otherwise the participating States of the region could experience the undesirable consequences of a much heavier and bigger conflict in the not too distant future than what Venezuela is suffering today. They would then be jointly responsible for its emergence. •

Source: <link http: www.jornada.unam.mx opinion>www.jornada.unam.mx/2017/08/07/opinion/002a1edi  Editorial of “La Jornada”, Mexico 7.8.2017

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