One war can hide another – after the Caliphate, Rojava

One war can hide another – after the Caliphate, Rojava

by Thierry Meyssan

While the Syrian Arab Army, the Russian aviation and Hezbollah are preparing to finish off Daesh, the Pentagon is planning a new war against Syria, this time with Kurdish troops. Just as the mission of the Caliphate was to create a Sunnistan straddling Iraq and Syria, so the mission of “Rojava” is to create a Kurdistan straddling the two states, as the Pentagon has been publicly stating for the last four years.
According to US grand strategy, as defined by Admiral Cebrowski in 2001, and published in 2004 by his assistant Thomas Barnett, all of the Greater Middle East must be destroyed except for Israël, Jordan and Lebanon.
Consequently, the imminent victory against Daesh will change nothing of the Pentagon’s intentions.
President Trump is against the manipulation of the jihadists. He has stopped the financial and military support that his country was giving them, and has managed to convince Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to do the same. He has modified NATO policies in the matter. However, nothing yet hints as to whether or not he will also oppose the Pentagon’s grand strategy. As far as the US Interior is concerned, the whole of Congress is in league against him, and he has no possibility of preventing a procedure for destitution other than negotiating with the Democratic Party.
Donald Trump has composed his administration of ex-senior civil servants from the Obama administration, a number of opportunistic politicians, many improvised representatives, and very very few trustworthy personalities.
His special representative against Daesh, Brett McGurk, is an ex-collaborator of President Obama, and is supposed to serve Trump’s new policy. On 18 August, he organised a meeting with the tribal leaders to “fight Daesh”. However, the photographs he published attest to the fact that, on the contrary, several of Daesh’s leaders also participated in the meeting.
In the same vein, helicopters of the US Special Forces exfiltrated two European leaders of Daesh and their families from the outskirts of Deiz ez-Zor, before they could be taken prisoner by the Syrian Arab Army on 26 August. Two days later, they also exfiltrated about twenty more Daesh officers.
Everything looks as though the Pentagon were storing away its jihadist structure and conserving it for other operations elsewhere. Simultaneously, it is preparing a new episode against Syria with a new army, which, this time, will be composed around Kurdish forces.
This war, like the war against the Caliphate,was announced four years ago in the New York Times, by Robin Wright, a researcher at the US Institute of Peace (equivalent to the NED for the Pentagon). It also planned to divide the Yemen into two states, potentially shared between Riyadh and Abu Dhabi – and finally, last but not least, to dismember Saudi Arabia.
Meanwhile, the “Rojava” project corresponds to Israeli strategy, which, since the end of the 1990’s and the development of missiles, is no longer concentrated on controlling its border regions (the Sinai, the Golan and South Lebanon), but on taking its neighbours from behind (hence the creation of South Sudan and eventually, Greater Kurdistan).
The recruiting drive for European soldiers for the “Rojava” project has only just begun. A priori, it could assemble as many combatants as there were for the jihad, insofar as the members of the anarchist groups which provide manpower are as numerous in Europe as common law prisoners.
Indeed, the jihadist network began in French prisons before becoming a generalised “crusade”. It is probable that the recruitment within the anarchist movement will also spread as the conflict goes on. Washington, London, Paris and Berlin, who organised this recruitment, planned in the long term.
I use the word “crusade” deliberately, because these wars in the Middle Ages, like the one we have just experienced, were in fact European imperialist operations against the people of the Greater Middle East. It is just as grotesque to claim that there is a link between the message of Christ and the crusades as to claim a link between the Prophet and jihadism. In both cases, the commanders were “Westerners”1 and these conflicts exclusively served Western imperialism. The successive crusades bled across two centuries, and the majority of Chrisitians in the Levant fought alongside their Muslim compatriots against the invaders.
Not long ago, the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius, publicly declared that President Assad “did not deserve to be on Earth”, and confirmed that the jihadists were doing a “good job”. Many young people answered his call by joining Al-Nusra (Al-Qaida), then Daesh. Today, the French ex-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bernard Kouchner, publicly announced that France would support the creation of state which would include Iraqi Kurdistan and the corridor to the Mediterranean via Syria. A few young Europeans have already answered this call, and many others will follow.
Today, as in 2011–12, the Western Press has taken the side of this new anti-Syrian army, supported by their governments. It will never question the treachery of Abdullah Öcalan, who renounced Marxist-Leninism for anarchy. It will repeat that Kurdistan has already been recognised by the Sèvres Conference, in 1920, but it will avoid looking at the documents which specify its boundaries. It will believe it to be legitimate in Iraq and Syria, although it is currently situated in Turkey. It will ignore the fact that the frontiers in fact correspond to nothing other than the plans developed by the Pentagon.
The referendum for the independence of the Iraqi region of Kurdistan and the territories annexed with the help of Daesh will launch the beginning of this operation, on 25 September. As in 2014, it will be intended to simultaneously destroy Iraq and Syria, this time without creating a “Sunnistan” from Rakka to Mossul, but a “Kurdistan”, on a territory linking Erbil and Kirkuk to the Mediterranean.    •

1    This term is poorly chosen insofar as “Westerner” is not opposed to “Oriental”, but to “Soviet”. I could find no other term to describe collectively the Europeans, the North-Americans and the Israelis. Author’s note.

(Translation Pete Kimberley)

Source: <link http:> from 19 September 2017

Kurds and Kurdistan

“The Kurds live in a region of strategic importance. Abundance of water and oil deposits are such a significant factor that neither Turkey nor Iraq can waive these resources also claimed by the Kurds. Thus, Kurdistan is of geopolitical importance for the Western world. This has contributed to a lively interest in the events and persons.” (p. 15)
“It’s abundance of water makes Kurdistan a strategic region of importance in an otherwise arid world. With a glance at the map the two streams Euphrates and Tigris are already dominating, but numerous rivers and lakes are to be added, e.g. the two Zab rivers and the Aras. The headstreams (those of the Euphrates are called Murat and Karasu) and the upper courses of the two streams run on Turkish territory. Several large dams (inter alia the Atatürk Dam southeast of Adiyaman) have been put into operation, used to produce electricity and in partly initiated and partially realized projects – such as the South East Anatolia Project (GAP, abbreviation for Güney-Dogu Anadolu Projesi) – to transform vast land between Urfa and Gaziantep into agricultural land.” (pp. 24)
“Oil deposits in Kurdistan are a major economic and geo-political factor. The distribution of the income from the oil fields of Kirkuk (not laying in the Kurdish part, but claimed by the Kurds) has not yet been conclusively clarified between the central government in Baghdad and the RRKI (regional government Kurdistan Iraq).” (p. 25)

Source: Strohmeier, Martin; Yalcin-Heckmann, Lale. Die Kurden. Geschichte. Politik. Kultur. 2010, ISBN 978-3406 59195 2

(Translation Current Concerns)

Nato’s Anarchist Brigades

“So the Pentagon has added to the number of ‘their’ Kurds, not only a few Arab and Assyrian mercenaries, but above all, militants from the European extreme-left. […] Just as the CIA has enrolled tens of thousands of young Western Muslims in order to turn them into Islamists, in the same way, it has recruited European anarchists to create the International Brigades, on the model of those which fought in 1936 in Barcelona against the fascists. We can also find auxiliary YPG/NATO troops such as the Internationalist Antifascist Batallion (Central Europe), the Bob Crow Brigade (English and Irish), the Henri Krasucki Brigade (French), the International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces (Americas), the Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity (Greek), the Unity of the Marxist-Leninist Party (Spanish), and all the pro-US Turkish groupuscules (DK, DKP, MLSPB-DC, PDKÖ, SI, TDP, TKEP/L, TKPML) to mention only the most visible (cf. “LGBT Brigades In Syria? Western Anarcho-Leftists Cutting Their Teeth With Western-Backed Kurdish YPG”, Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post, July 27, 2017. “Le Rojava, un califat d’extrême gauche? Réseaux ‘antifascistes’ et terrorisme: le laboratoire kurde”, Observatoire des extrêmes de gauche, 16 août 2017).

Source: Meyssan, Thierry. Nato’s Anarchist Brigades, <link http:> from 12 September 2017

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