New journal: Personale Psychologie und Pädagogik (Personalist Psychology and Pedagogy)

New journal: Personale Psychologie und Pädagogik (Personalist Psychology and Pedagogy)

Dear reader,

with this issue, the Institute of Personalist Human Sciences and Social Issues launches its publication series “Personalist Psychology and Pedagogy”. The individual issues will be published in loose succession. The articles are addressed to both laymen and professionals alike.
A personalist point of view in psychology and pedagogy is one of the most pressing challenges of our time: first and foremost, it is a serious struggle for the conception of man. It is our publication’s aim to provide an integrated view of the rich knowledge and the wide range of experience – not only in conceptual terms but by focusing on the main question itself: “What is man?”
To us, it is about psychological knowledge of the human nature, both practically as well as theoretically – about man’s understanding of himself and his fellow human beings and about his coexistence in all aspects, big and small.
Experience with and knowledge about man and his coexistence shouldn’t be limited to universities or the therapeutic consulting room. Everyone should be able to benefit from it – be it for one’s personal way of life or to strive for a peaceful coexistence in marriages, families, school and professional as well as social life.

In this spirit, the journal issues are geared towards parents, educators and teachers as well as to all those interested in psychological and pedagogical questions. They are intended to provide impulses and help – both for the daily challenges of an educator’s daily work life as well as for shaping doctors’, psychologists’, psychotherapists’, theologians’ daily professional practice and that of  those in care providing professions who are interested.
The journals’ articles are developed from the central question of the “concept of man” (conditio humana) and reflect the different areas that the Institute works in: Issues brought up by psychology, pedagogy, psychotherapy, psychosomatics and psychiatrics as well as the foundations of anthropology, cultural anthropology, philosophy, history and economic and social sciences.
By emphasising the term “personalist” in the Institute’s name, we consciously link back to those traditions defining man as a being that constantly relates to other human beings (zoon politikon), and who possesses a creative and formative ability to shape his own life and culture. He is capable of reason and will, he can take on responsibility and can help seek honest and in equivalence peaceful solutions for all (bonum commune).

Erika Vögeli and Moritz Nestor

The journal can be ordered here:<link>

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