Switzerland is breeding young IT zombies, who do not understand our complex world

Switzerland is breeding young IT zombies, who do not understand our complex world

by Klaus J. Stöhlker*

The path to digital serfdom is preordained. Bank employees and consultants are managed and recorded digitally. They have to meet the performance standards in order to find employment. Anyone who does not look like everyone else, slim and agile, is quickly considered hard to control and, for this reason, an outsider. Have not the great writers and futurologists of the 20th century already written about this?
Switzerland, as an advanced country with the highest WEF ratings, is already producing a population that will meet the new world standards. Therefore, there is officially no longer a Swiss people but only a mixed population; therefore, we are taught hardly any Swiss history, but rather only European and world history.
Whoever wants the equality of the many destroys the freedom of the few. As a result, a kind of “surveillance capitalism” is emerging, which makes a necessity of the commercial surveillance of the many, so that a very few can control 8 to 10 billion people. We are dealing with four world powers which have worked on such systems: the US, Russia, China and Israel, the latter more likely a branch of the US.
Switzerland has recognised the signs of the times. It globalises its economy, reduces the power of politicians and their parties, optimises its two technical colleges in Zurich and Lausanne, and creates a global mixed population with a constantly controllable education that meets all the requirements of Silicon Valley and of internal security.
If you want to know what the future holds, you should take a closer look at the education of your children and grandchildren. This is today arranged according to the principle of zero tolerance. Who as a student behaves incorrectly or – in the opinion of the school board, which has to follow the Curriculum 21 – is guilty of a gross violation of rules, will be punished immediately. If the offense is not confessed, the child is assigned to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. There are no discussions or clarifications; the consequence follows the action stringently. George Orwell could not have described this better.
The goal is to raise willing workers for the economy, who are socially competent, environmentally conscious, gender-responsive and independent; and who are ready to learn for life. This is owed to a pedagogical superstructure which is assigned to the cantonal school administrations and has been built up in the last 20 years. It is targeted at the creation of an ideal society where the human being is self-motivated and acts independently within the framework of given specifications. Closely linked to this pedagogical superstructure is the notorious KESB, the child and adult protection authority, which withdraws the right to care for children and loved ones from families, and also takes away their right to manage family assets independently.
Thus Switzerland has already quietly entered the antechamber of the surveillance state. The first stage is formed by kindergarten and school, the homes of learning, where skills that will lead to a new Swiss being are to be developed in a disciplined manner. Professional toddler education is to prevent problematic influences or a lack of support. The result is a person who fits into the digital age. In this discreet world there are no more teachers, but more and more coaches. They act as consultants to students. Responsibility for the learning process is internalised by the student himself.
“Being monopolised by the group happens unconsciously,” writes Allan Guggenbühl in “Total Data – Total Control”, edited by Konrad Hummler and Fabian Schönenberger, partners of the “M1AG”, a company owned by Eastern Swiss intellectuals, as well as in collaboration with the liberal Progress Foundation and published by NZZ Libro.
What is going on in Swiss public education is a scandal. The adaptation of young people to the Californian IT world results in an output of students whose knowledge levels are steadily declining, whose ability to express themselves verbally and in writing has diminished enormously and whose general level of education declines from one age group to the next. They acquire competences, but ever less prowess. We, the elders, who were trained according to the principles of freedom from the writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, Paul Geheeb, Wilhelm von Humboldt and Ivan Illich, marvel at future generations of IT zombies that no longer understand the complex world in which they grow up.
A new variety of individuals is being bred: inquisitive but gladly adapting to the system. If you do not conform to this profile, you have to inherit, marry, or acquire a lot of money to escape this system pressure. It goes without saying that only a very few succeed in doing so, because lots of “free cashflow” and intelligence rarely coincide. And one of these alone does not suffice.
ADHD, i.e. attention deficits, has long been treated with the help of Ritalin. We chemically sedate those who cannot concentrate, who are prone to anger, who are sensitive to the weather or who tend towards aberrerations. If you do not like this or if you would like to say goodbye to this society but are not seriously ill, the road to state-sanctioned and medically controlled suicide is open to you.
Those already working today have little breathing room outside of the consumer economy. Unless it be in the remote alpine valleys of Misox or Goms.     •

* Klaus J. Stöhlker is a corporate and PR consultant in Zollikon (Canton of Zurich)

Source: <link https: insideparadeplatz.ch external-link seite:>insideparadeplatz.ch from 24.10.2017

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