Will the war against Russia be prepared?

Will the war against Russia be prepared?

by Karl Müller

On 13 November 2017, the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” reproduced one of Donald Trump’s Twitter messages in indirect speech. On 12 November, the US President had written: “When will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. The[y’]re always playing politics – bad for our country. I want to solve North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, terrorism, and Russia can greatly help!” Indeed, the US American and the Russian Presidents met during the APEC summit in Vietnam, agreeing on important further steps towards an end of the war in Syria (see box below). Does this mean everything is heading in the right direction?

What is the direction of US politics?

There are processes pointing in a different direction. And above all the crucial question: How honest and how sustainable are such Twitter messages of the current US President and will he be able to implement such positions in future American-Russian relationships? Against numerous warmongers in both parties and in the media? Against the military-industrial complex? Against the forces of deep state who are backing war? Against those banks, hedge funds etc. which – as it has happened regrettably frequent in history – are benefitting from conflicts and wars?
One almost gets the impression that US policy keeps all options on the table. This includes preparation for war – which is not to be discussed openly, however, at least not in Europe. Thus German speaking media have withheld the fact that the US are substantially increasing the number of their Special Operation Forces. German speaking readers only could learn about this on 8 November at RT Deutsch. The internet page had referred the text of a US American web page (see above) of 3 November. According to this report, more and more US specialized troops are deployed in states along the Russian border. In 2017, they have already participated in numerous exercises. Their mission invariably was to fight “against the enemy in the east”.

Sole purpose: Military strikes deeply into Russia …

Official sources claim that the sole purpose of the increased number of troops was to protect Eastern European countries against a “Russian aggression”. The comment of RT Deutsch, however, is thought-provoking: “[...] if really defence was the main purpose, then the Baltic States would need a classical array of defence systems protecting their borders. But this is not what Special Operation Forces can do. The Special Forces deployed in Europe are almost exclusively offensive command units like for example the Navy Seals, US Marines or Green Berets.” The US analyst himself writes, in the second sentence of his article: “The purpose can only be to obtain the ability to execute strikes deeply into Russian territory.”

...because Russia is interfering

RT Deutsch has good connections to Russia and many will say: So this is the latest Russian propaganda (“fake news”). But everyone can check the facts. Maybe even more a check with history books helps. There is no need to study Halford Mackinder and his Heartland Theory in order to realise that the western “Enemy Stereotype Russia” (this is the title of a book by the Austrian author Hannes Hofbauer worth reading) has neither started nor ended with Soviet Communism. A large, independent and united Russia rich in natural resources is interfering the still not abandoned world power plans of the Anglo-Saxon war party and its allies. Even if these allies are treated like vassals. But they still seem to be willing, if needed, to sacrifice their peoples and states senselessly.

It does not help to look away

So the bottom line is: In spite of all the President’s Twitter messages, the current US administration is also permitting preparations for a war against Russia, step by step and well in advance and not just since 2014. This war is to be led also with soldiers, with bombs and missiles – in case attempts fail to bring Russia to its knees or to destroy it from within. We should not delude ourselves: also a “modern” war against Russia would mean millions of victims. It does not help to turn a blind eye to this. Only small children think that they can hide by covering their eyes. Nobody knows what will happen. But it cannot be wrong to publish and to denounce all facts of war preparations while taking such twitter messages by the US President at face value and to state: “War is obsolete!”    •

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